1. Healing from this song :)

  2. you do know it’s a good track when you lose your sense of time…

  3. I love songs like this one…
    Does anyone know where I can find that fu**er, who pressed dislike button? 

  4. so emotional. one of the best

  5. 0:20 the moment I already knew this song is perfect :)

  6. I will find those 3 dislikers….

  7. Make it longer :c

  8. beautiful.

  9. Why so fast? I love it.

  10. You can hardly make it more pure. Just close your eyes, take a deep breath,
    and all that is on your mind wanishes away…

  11. love this

  12. Beausheepy :p

  13. dream-folk<3

  14. Now i can sleep. Thanks for the amazing weekend.

  15. The houses and their reflection look like a waveform.

  16. Nice!

  17. are we allowed to use this music in our videos if we give full credit to

  18. If only it was longer…

  19. so awesome . its unbelieveble how much unknown music their is on our world.
    thanks for putting those masterpieces on youtube . 

  20. Why are there multiple bronies here? No offence. I also noticed all of them
    dislike the dislikers. We all dislike them. But why do only bronies (as far
    as I’ve seen) say anything?

  21. Brings solace to an angry heart. 

  22. Beautiful. I’ve made a chillstep song on my channel, if you’d like to check
    that out. :3

  23. Oooh this is amazing. These vibes… Dope!

  24. this is great

  25. Lina Marcišauskaitė

    Beautiful *.* 

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