Sticking with Your Exercise Regimen

I have been exercising consistently for about a year now. I always tried to stick with exercising my whole life, but until recently I always quit. I’m thankful today that I figured out how to keep up with working out. It is an important part of being healthy, and I am going to share my tips with you in hopes that it will encourage you to stick with your exercise regimen.

Don’t over schedule

The biggest mistake you can make is going from no exercise to a crazy hectic workout schedule overnight. You should start slow. Make your schedule realistic and possible. You’re exercising to make your life better, not more stressful. Your work out sessions shouldn’t be too difficult at first either. Otherwise you’ll be giving up after the first day. Also, if you work too hard and get hurt, you won’t be able to work out anyway. Usually after I got hurt early on it took away all of my momentum and I would end up stopping for months.

Dedicated partner

Working out with someone who is just as focused as you are can be a great advantage. You can encourage each other not to quit and to work harder. You wouldn’t want to be the one who says it’s too much for you and you’re giving up would you? Instead your workout partner can be there for you to come to when things get tough so you don’t quit.


It may sound weird but pictures are a great way to keep you focused on your workout plan. As we begin to get into better shape, we become tougher critics of ourselves. We tend to not notice much change in our own bodies unless we have proof. That’s where the pictures come in. Take pictures of your progress periodically and look at them for inspiration when you need it.

Remember the old you

When times get really hard and you’re on the fence about giving up exercise, you should remember the old you. How were things before you started exercising? Were things any better? The only way to make yourself happy is to continue with what you already decided was best. You are simply dealing with the difficulties of the process. However, all of this will make you a happier and better person. Good luck!

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