Starvation Diet – Is It Healthy? Which Starvation Diet Type Is The Best For You?

A lot of people are suffering from too much additional kilograms. A lot of them are deciding to use the starvation diet. But what is it and how to use it? This diet is helping to clear organism from toxins. It is some kind of good introduction to start healthy eating and lifestyle. A lot of people are wondering what they can get thanks to this diet. For a lot of people who are experienced in slimming it is very fast, nice and safe slimming method. It will help to loose additional kilograms in a short time. This diet can teach people to eat healthy food in proper amounts.

Starvation diet is also helping to avoid addictions (for example to medicines etc). It can also teach to replace unhealthy things with more healthy food. For example it can teach to drink juice as an replacement for coffee. Thanks to this diet organism will be cleared from toxins and thanks to such clearance it will be more healthy. It will help to keep good physical and psychical form.
Of course there are many types of starvation diets:
1) Therapeutic starvation diet – it is one of the best biological methods for clearing organism from toxins. It helps to have good physical and mental form.
2) Water starvation diet – drinking a lot of mineral water 1-2 litres per day for people with normal weight and 2-3 litres per day for overweight people.
3) Tea starvation diet – two cups of tea three times a day (tea without sugar or honey) and water. This type of starvation diet will not provide any calories to organism. It also allows the organism to absorb warm drinks.

4) Juice starvation diet – 1 glass of fresh fruit or vegetable juice 3-4 times a day and of course water between drinking juices.
5) Whey starvation diet – it is very helpful for slimming people. 1 liter of whey per day and people are also available to drink herb teas and fresh juices. This type of diet is providing proteins to organism.
Starvation diet is a very powerful slimming method. It can be dangerous for some people, so it should be performed only under control of dietitian or other specialist. Apart from this diet, there are also many other kinds of diets. They can also be very healthy and of course they should also be controlled by a doctor. Here are the examples of the most popular diets.
Copenhagen diet – it is a very strict slimming method. It should be performed for 13 days and each day different products (included on special list) have to be eaten. This method will help to change the metabolism and it will be difficult to loose weight after using this diet.
1000 calories diet – it is the second very popular weight loss method. Its task is to make organism to burn more calories than to consume them. It is also good to have some additions to this diet like moving. It is very effective diet and a lot of people have seen effects of using it.

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