Starting a New Workout Routine to Get in Shape

Sometimes the hardest part of exercising is getting started. It can be very challenging to know how to start a workout routine that is easy to follow. A fitness program that is difficult to follow will be difficult to maintain. Establishing realistic and attainable goals is the best way to stay motivated with the start of a new workout routine.

Evaluate Current Fitness Level

The first step to developing any new workout routine or exercise program is to first consult a doctor to identify any health risks or concerns. Depending on those results, a doctor may recommend starting slowly with a low impact exercise program.

Starting a new workout routine too aggressively may also make it short-lived. If an exercise program is entirely new, then it is best to take smaller steps toward a full fitness program. Starting too aggressively will be hard to endure and may also lead to injury.

Building the Best Exercise Program

There are three types of physical activity that should be included in every good exercise program:

  • Cardiovascular activity.Cardio workouts can be any aerobic activity that is sustained for 20-30 and should ideally be done four to five times a week.
  • Strength training. Strength training targets major muscle groups and should be done at least twice a week. The goal is to gradually increase weights and repetitions.
  • Flexibility training. Stretching is important to do before and after exercise to reduce injury – or three to seven times a week. Each stretch should last 10-30 seconds.

Each type of physical activity should be included in the new workout routine. Set a goal for a desired level of fitness when determining how many days to begin exercising. For beginners, start with a few days a week and add more days after a few weeks or when the workouts become less challenging.

Starting a New Workout Routine

There are several things to consider when establishing a consistent routine for your fitness program.

  • Location. Decide whether the program will be at home or at a local fitness club. Some people are more motivated in a fitness club atmosphere, while others may like the convenience of a home gym.
  • Time of day. Picking a consistent time of day to exercise will help maintain a new workout routine. Mornings are usually more popular because it helps to jumpstart the day.
  • Activities. The activities will likely vary based on the home gym or fitness club decision. In either scenario, select activities that will provide the best variety of workout routines. When purchasing fitness equipment, choose equipment that can be utilized for multiple exercises. Gym activities can also be complemented with everyday activities such as walking or hiking.

Maintaining an Exercise Program

With exercise, remember that consistency in approach will produce the best results. Starting and stopping an exercise program will require extra effort to begin seeing results. Maintaining a new workout routine keeps the focus on desired goals. While a routine is important, the key to staying motivated is adding variety in the workout routine. The best fitness programs incorporate a variety of workout routines that challenge cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training.

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