Starting a Diet with All The Right Tools

by Babs ‘O’ Reilly
(Miami Beach, Florida, USA)

When you start a diet you need all of the right tools. Dieting can be very challenging and you really need to have everything in place. Some people wonder why it is that some dieters succeed and others don’t.

Often it is because these dieters had the right tools right from the very start. When you know you have the right tools, you feel more confident because you can handle just about anything.

A scale. That’s one of the first items you’ll need. But you don’t just need a scale for your body. You also need a scale to weigh your food. When people “eyeball” their food and they think that they’ve got their portions down, often they are completely wrong.

Getting a food scale helps keep you honest. When you see the numbers right on the food scale – there’s no argument. Getting the numbers – both from how much you weigh and how much the food weighs – these are excellent tools for your success.

Notebooks. Every dieter needs a big notebook and a little notebook. The big notebook is to start a journal and to write in every day.

The little notebook is to write down every morsel of food that goes into your body. These are called your food journals. The larger notebook is meant for your thoughts and you don’t always have to write about food – because often we eat because of our problems.

By writing your problems down you’ll keep yourself from overeating because of problems that you have. You are giving yourself an outlet.

Exercise. The most successful dieters do well with some type of exercise program. Now what type of exercise should you do? The secret is to do any type of exercise that you enjoy – so that you keep doing it!

Many dieters new to exercise start of with walking because the only equipment you need for this is sneakers and it is easy to do.

Dieters see great results from walking. But there are so many different types of exercise to do – from playing tennis, squash, doing yoga, Pilates or running.

Just find something and stick to it!

A dieting buddy. Studies have shown that when dieters diet with someone else – they lose a lot more weight than when they go it alone. You don’t have to join a traditional weight loss program if that doesn’t appeal to you or you just don’t have the money for it.

But find a friend, coworker or neighbor that also wants to lose weight. The two of you can cheer each other on and lose weight together. This is a great way to get support.

A healthy fridge and cabinets. The best dieters do well when they take the time to go through their refrigerator and kitchen cabinets, and get rid of unhealthy, fattening food they simply shouldn’t be eating on their diets. Of course if you live with family and they want to keep the chocolate chip cookies – some compromises will need to be made.

But aim to make your kitchen as diet friendly as you can, and less like a minefield you have to step through. Add healthy snacks and things you can just grab whenever you feel hungry or need to make a meal quickly.

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Updated: September 4, 2013 — 4:58 pm

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