Stability Ball Leg Curl Exercise Demonstration Video Revealed by Bodyweight Torch

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) February 20, 2013


With so many bodyweight programs becoming more popular due to busier schedules and hectic lifestyles, Mike Whitfield, a trainer in Atlanta, GA, decided to put together a free bodyweight training program for his subscribers. He also just revealed a video demonstrating a lower body bodyweight exercise called the Stability Ball Leg Curl. His videos are popular with his subscribers because they make understanding how the best bodyweight exercises work and how anyone can use these bodyweight workouts in the comfort of their own home without any fancy or expensive equipment.

“The Stability Ball Leg Curl is one of the best lower body bodyweight exercises that anyone can use to strengthen their glutes and hamstrings. Most bodyweight training programs ignore the hamstrings and only focus on the quads and hips. But having stronger hamstrings will improve anyone’s fitness and functionality, so that’s why I typically like to work them in with my programs. It’s such a staple lower body exercise that I released a video demonstration of this exercise so that my subscribers will have a better understanding how this bodyweight lower body exercise works. It doesn’t take anything fancy, either. Anyone can get access to these stability balls at most sporting good stores and most department stores as well. They are inexpensive and are a great addition to anyone’s bodyweight workout training program. Using the stability ball leg curl in addition to other lower body exercises are a great way to train the legs and burn calories”, said Whitfield.

Discover more lower body bodyweight exercises inside the free program that Mike Whitfield offers at http://www.bodyweighttorch.com.

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