1. very motivational lui!!!

  2. why did i do that BECAUSE I CAN hahah sounds like a line that anchorman
    would use in the gym 

  3. Lui what do you think of Neknominations? (speaking of facebook)

  4. Keep up the positivity mon!

  5. Completely agree!!

  6. Lui I recently made an admission about myself, and since then, many of my
    “facebook friends” won’t speak to me. Realty is I am dishonest and everyone
    loves me, I’m completely honest, and all of a sudden they won’t give me the
    time of day….to me that is fucked up priorities

  7. Lui, there’s a simple solution to the present online hater, bullying and
    general negativity epidemic: DON’T USE SOCIAL MEDIA! Don’t put yourself out
    there if you cannot take the scrutiny. I believe most deserve it anyway,
    it’s the price they must be willing to pay for attention seeking.

  8. Seems like that guy got to you a bit lui? People like that are jealous and
    horrible, that’s just the internet today. I think the best way to get rid
    of them is to carry on and ignore them. Personally, when I’m accused of
    being on steroids, I take it as a compliment 🙂 

  9. 1 thing I learned especially in the YouTube fitness community is that a
    person is never going to be big enough or lean enough to the majority of
    these trolls, and if a person actually looks decent, they’re automatically
    on the juice. You never win with low life’s.

  10. great video

  11. ezzitouni Ali moussa

    you have a big chest lui

  12. haha 5 friends 😀 The rest on your FB is trolls 😀 Just sounded funny :D

  13. Good video with some good points. Salute 

  14. I salute you Lui!

  15. Damn I agree Lui ! Big time.

  16. Let me count them ” true friends” …. mmmmmm …. ohh …. I got 5 !
    5 out of 500 _’

  17. been there bro get haters even in my gym talking behind my back saying im
    on gear but they dont see all the hard work i have to put in

  18. I agree. But I also think we should stop acting like when someone takes
    steroids it’s a big deal. To me he is just going the extra mile with
    effort, money, and emotional stress to achieve his goals. 

  19. So true lui

  20. True-est or real-est thing I’ve heard ! thank you.

    One thing I reminded myself of is from your channel itself quoted “that
    people exercising ARE already the exception” it’s weird.. because a lot of
    people never set foot in a gym (probably still the majority), there are
    people with obesity.. etc.. no hate on them.. I like BBW’s.. (and some are
    gym pro’s/athletes)*sorry to categorize.. most normal avg looking people
    itself… but I forget what it is I’ve already accomplished and set
    impossible standards for that make no sense.. and I forget that I’m already
    going way beyond a normal expectation.

    I remember this because.. I remember when I lost a lot of workout size I
    was normal skinny looking.. and it was like WTF.. because I realize how
    much negativity made me lose focus on what I had already accomplished and I
    only realized what I had relative to the norm before. That’s only when I
    saw everyone around me as just being average body type as the majority of
    people, and people who were way smaller than me in bodybuilding before now
    looked exceptionally above average. That was really difficult.

    Anything that is something people want or desire will get twisted turned,
    scrutinized, manipulated. It’s not just bodybuilding. It can be any kind of
    accomplishment.. status or image that is important in society.

  21. I salute you for this video!

  22. Justin bieber got bitch slapped this morning at hollywood starbucks by la
    clippers bb player. Justin fell to the floor and then ran out crying before
    cops showed up…as the little punk girl that he is…best news ever…and
    now back to lui….

  23. You look good man …. keep up the good work


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