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  3. Sofia Pinel-Whittom

    I don’t see the point of her questions… It leads to nothing.

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  5. she lives in a basement its realy sad

  6. Missreyes Josethalia

    Starving her self

  7. Love, Love, Love Snooki, I feel like I’ve watched her grow up into an
    awesome person and a beautiful mother, U go girl!! I watched every episode
    of the Jersey Shore and from then until now she has come along way and
    she’s gonna be great and do some really good things!!!!!!

  8. She moved..Stay updated (:

  9. She’s staying there because her house isn’t ready yet..chill out people.
    You probably still love in your moms house to.

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  12. I can lose weight for free you need about TEN GRAND to fix your fucking
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  13. She looks absolutely amazing, I love how mature and motherly she has
    become! I’m proud of snooky!!!

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  15. please help, I am watching this video because I want to lose weight

  16. That interviewer is cute. She looks like a cross between Anna Kendrick and
    that girl who plays Marnie on Girls.

  17. wow did the loss of her weight go with the increase of her brains?

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  19. well I see

  20. Luv ya snooki!!

  21. she’s way too skinny now

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