Snap Out Of It!…….. Negativity Can Lead To Weight Gain

by Helene Mansion
(Adelaide, Australia)

No, this article is not about self development but it is about how having a positive mindset can lead to the accomplishment of personal goals. Stay with me for a minute so I can explain the connection here.

This article is about the impact that a positive way of thinking and limited negativity can have on a weight loss attempt.

The attempt itself can add to your stress level. I am sure you have probably seen commercials for a popular weight loss product that talks about how stress contributes to belly fat. Stress and negativity are your enemies when it comes to getting things done.

Some people eat more when they are feeling stressed. Their energy level decreases during those times which means they are also less likely to exercise regularly.

I am sure I do not need to remind anyone of the many health issues surrounding obesity and excess pounds. That is not the purpose of this article. Instead this article is meant to remind anyone trying to shed fat and excess weight that having a positive mindset is important.

I am not saying that positive thinking will shed those pounds; it will not do that. But having a positive thought process is helpful in anything you are working at. With that being said I want to discuss goals and negativity.

When you make the decision to put real effort into losing body fat you need to begin with some preliminary steps.

First, check out your general health situation. A visit to your doctor would be very helpful. Then decide what exactly you want to achieve. For instance, you should decide if there is a particular weight you are striving for or maybe a particular size of clothing that you want to wear.

Set some goals but be realistic about them. If you are a person that is wearing a size 16 dress then you cannot realistically set a goal to wear a size 6 in the next two months. But you can set a goal of losing a dress size a month.

By keeping your goals at a realistic and achievable level you will be able to accomplish them. If on the other hand you try for the impossible you are simply setting yourself up for failure before you even start. That does little for your confidence in yourself.

As far as negativity goes I suggest that you limit it to only what is essential in your life. Practice keeping a positive thought process and avoiding things are stressful or annoying to you. Believe it or not your emotions have a lot to do with the way you eat and your personal ties to food.

Also eliminate negative people from your life as much as possible. Moods are contagious and whether a negative person causes you to be negative or simply stressed out neither is what you need.

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Updated: November 28, 2013 — 1:46 pm

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