Snacks that Slim You Down

Eat more to avoid pounds creeping up all over your body. It really works. You should never deprive yourself ever again as long as you eat the right kind of treats. The trick to slimming down and staying healthy even when you get older is choosing foods that help fire up your metabolism and leave you feeling full, so you don’t act as if you’re stomach’s a bottomless pit at your next meal. The snacks that will be suggested have fewer than 200 calories. Since the typical woman needs 1,800 to 2,000 calories per day, you have lots of room in you to wiggle and move. Just because you aren’t overweight doesn’t mean you’re not at risk of disease. Partner your diet with exercise at all times because the diet on its own does not rid you of fats stored near internal organs, which often can lead to diabetes or heart disease.

If you want more of the dessert, popsicles are the perfect choice. Sugar-free popsies still taste sweet and are mostly water, so they actually have fewer than 20 calories and zero fat. In this case, the more you eat, the tighter you’ll feel, since consuming more fluids tends to help flush out belly bloat. Another sweet alternative would also be apple slices with peanut butter. This combo is loaded with protein (from the peanut butter) and fiber (from the apple); both fill you up quickly and keep you that way for long periods of time. Slices from half an apple eaten with, more or less, a tablespoon of peanut butter, run you about 200 calories.

Surprisingly, you can also enjoy some string cheese. Cheese has always been considered a weight-loss enemy, and most diets warn you to stay away from it. But high protein, part-skim string cheese is a terrific slim-down food. One package has about six grams of protein and fewer than 75 calories. And, it doesn’t need to be refrigerated constantly, so you can pop a few in your purse for when you find yourself in the face of a snack emergency.

As for popcorn, a single microwavable serving without butter or flavoring has about 130 calories. That makes popcorn a better snack alternative than Oreo cookies. The serving is low in fat and shockingly high in fiber. Give it a little punch if it’s too boring and tasteless to eat. You can do this by drizzling it with hot sauce. The fiery kick also charges your metabolism and can make your body think that you’ve gone through a sort of workout.

Or, you can always opt for veggie burgers. Made from soy rather than meat, these guiltless substitutes are flavorful yet low in fat. With just a hundred calories for each serving, it can be eaten on a whole wheat bun without going over your snack calorie quota. As a bonus, the soy that you get from it cranks up your metabolism.

The next time you feel hungry, you can just opt for these amazing substitutes. You’ll find that maintaining your body weight will be easier if you learn to choose what you eat wisely.

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