1. Socks are already expensive for what they are. You buy them in packs
    because they are practically disposable. You will lose at least one of your
    pair and you will eventually lose the entire package of socks you bought
    last month. Socks are an awful way to track your fitness because they don’t
    last, even if you were able to keep track of them, they would stretch out
    and wear holes in no time. 

  2. Those look straight out of Back to the Future 2

  3. first 

  4. my left ear loves this video…

  5. What’s next, smart underwear?

  6. She’s got hammertoes.

  7. All I think of when I see this little ankle bracelet is a criminal on house

  8. Gah the audio

  9. Mono audio please.

  10. Center your voices please

  11. A lot (but not all!) of this video had no audio for me. Bug report 🙂
    Firefox 26, Kubuntu 13.10 (linux).

  12. Rahmani Mohamed Elhadi
  13. Yeah… if you want to look like a prisoner with an anklet on lol

  14. A lot of this video has no audio

  15. white dude “playing basketball” in the background – LOL

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