Sleep, Diet, and Exercise for your Prostate

Men require proper sleep and a custom macronutrient ratio diet to achieve optimal health. A diet with a balanced carbohydrate, protein, and fat ratio is necessary for effective prostate health. Food has a vital affect on the composition of our mind and body and the way we consider and process thought. Particular prostate foods are absolutely linked to men’s health. Getting sufficient sleep, following a proper prostate diet and exercising will improve a man’s mind, spirit and body resulting in a healthy quality of life.


One of the most essential activities a man participates in on a daily basis is sleep. Proper sleep equates to 8-10 hours a day. Unfortunately, a man suffering from an enlarged prostate never gets an adequate amount of sleep due to frequent urination. This sleep deprivation prevents the body and mind from operating at optimum levels. Additionally, this sleep deficit could lead to mood swings, degraded job performance, and bad health.

A balanced prostate diet consists of eating foods that specifically target the prostate. For example, lycopene, capsaicin, saw palmetto or pumpkin seeds just to name a few. However, targeting these prostate foods is just a part of the overall process. A diet that is balanced in carbohydrates, protein and fats that reduces inflammation is crucial to achieving proper prostate health. Carbohydrates should be low glycemic and there should be an emphasis on fruits and vegetables versus breads and pasta. A majority of men have been conditioned into believing that prostate foods should limit the consumption of red meat which will adversely reduce their daily requirement of protein. Limiting red meat is essential but alternative protein sources such as whey, soy, or pea are great selections. Fat is also essential but only in the forms of monounsaturated fats should be consumed. Extra virgin olive oil or avocados are great selections for dietary fats. In addition to eating balanced and nutritious meals, consuming omega 3 fish oil along with a daily multivitamin should be part of the regimen.

Daily exercise is important in keeping the muscles active and the brain alert. Walking, running, biking, swimming are all great choices. However, cleaning out the garage, working in the yard, or reorganizing the attic is also forms of exercise. The point is to stay active! Staying active helps in reducing muscle atrophy and also keeps a person feeling younger and more energetic.

A healthy man needs to live by certain rules and disciplines by making certain sacrifices in his daily life. He must remember that sleep is essential, food is a powerful drug, and exercise is necessary. Keeping within this triangle of constraints of proper sleep, diet and exercise will result in a healthy life and a healthy prostate.

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