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Skin Whitening in Asia & Beyond. Phoua. Xiong. Background. Information. Fast growing global phenomenon among young urban, educated women. White skin in some Asian countries predate colonialism and Western notions of beauty, and reinforced by European colonization to bring about the cultural and

Beautiful White: An Illumination of Asian Skin-Whitening Culture Elysia Pan April 2013 Under the supervision of Gennifer Weisenfeld, Department of Art, Philippines.50 Female cosmetic consumption is an economic marker of success, status and

We offer a variety of high quality whitening options to fit your lifestyle and whitening needs. It’s best to consult with us before undergoing any whitening treatment as we will diagnose and pre-treat your dental condition(s) prior to whitening to ensure that you get

Girls in the Philippines, a country where a skin‐whitening phenomenon In many countries, including the Philippines, white skin continues to be associated

Mercury exposure from Skin-Lightening Products Fact Sheet for Health Care Providers (March 2012) These internationally-obtained products are either sold illegally in the United States (and can be obtained without a

With potential skin whitening activity, nor are any corn tassel bioactivities currently employed as ingredients in 4-hydroxy-2-oxindole-3-acetic acid, melanin inhibitor, skin whitener. INTRODUCTION There are several recent reviews [1-3] and a comprehen-sive survey of commercially useful

Skin bleaching or skin whitening is the use of topical creams, gels, soaps or household products to chemically lighten, or whiten, the skin. This practice has become increasingly more common around the world. Research suggest that African cities may

Unregulated skin-lightening creams may contain mercury that can be absorbed when these products come in contact with a person’s skin. "Before using any cosmetic product, you should make sure the ingredients are printed on the product's box or

Lovely,’ a skin whitening cream marketed by Unilever in many countries in Asia and Africa, and, in particular, India. Rather, it only reviews commer-cials that have received complaints, and has only recently begun to develop more comprehensive guidelines and standards after pressure from the

SKIN BLEACHING IN JAMAICA: A COLONIAL LEGACY A Dissertation by PETRA ALAINE ROBINSON Submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies of Texas A&M University

Backgrounds •According to the aesthetic of most estern Asian people, women are more attractive in brighter skin tones. Thus the skin whitening products have

Skin: The Body’s Canvas1 If you took off your skin and laid it flat, it would cover an area of about 1.9 square meters skin whitening Reasons a. to show bravery or indicate achievements b. to celebrate weddings and festivals

Preliminary Draft – Do Not Cite or Quote Company Name Product or Product Group Name Table 1 – Reported Products Category: 30408 – Skin lightener

THE USE OF HYDROGEN PEROXIDE IN THE BLEACHING OF CHEMICAL PULP. Ross Anderson. Kemira Chemicals. Southeastern TAPPI and TAPPI Bleaching Committee . Joint Meeting

Teeth Whiteners 2004 State Contest Intermediate & Senior Division #2 Colgate Platinum Professional Whitening System $300 – purchased from your dentist

Philippines Ms Celia Ong Ms Esperanza Moya Singapore Dr Alain Khaiat The update on EU ingredient reviews by COLIPA was deferred. 2. Discussions on henna, azelaic acid, This ingredient is used as a skin whitening agent in leave-on skin products on the basis of a high margin of

Mercury exposure from Skin-Lightening Products Fact Sheet for Health Care Providers (March 2012) These internationally-obtained products are either sold illegally in the United States (and can be obtained without a

All purport to share with readers the newest information on, and reviews of, skin- sampling of skin-whitening products marketed around the globe at a variety of price ranges: Porcelana’s Skin-Lightening Cream, Cosmetic Surgeon in a Jar’s

Teeth whitening products; and xxxxxxvii. Toothpaste. b. Articles intended for use as a component of any such articles, except that the term “cosmetics” shall not include soap. “Soap” means: i. The bulk

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