1. Asian Beauty Secrets

    Yes! Don’t be too skinny ^_~

  2. Asian Beauty Secrets

    Thank you <3 which one is ur fav so far?

  3. Asian Beauty Secrets

    Let me know how it goes for u and what songs do u dance to???

  4. Asian Beauty Secrets


  5. Asian Beauty Secrets

    I hope my points will help ^_~

  6. Asian Beauty Secrets

    Oh yes!!! I have heard that one before in Chinese <3

  7. Asian Beauty Secrets

    <3 Thank u <3

  8. Asian Beauty Secrets

    Oh I tried that once but just haven’t had the time to go to these
    classes…. XP

  9. Asian Beauty Secrets

    Its fun, free and most importantly it works!

  10. Asian Beauty Secrets

    <3 Thank you Karim <3

  11. Asian Beauty Secrets

    Im glad to help <3

  12. Asian Beauty Secrets

    Hahahahaha….Dancing is fun!

  13. Thank you!i love how you reply everytime

  14. im totally gonna try the diet and dancing. im gonna try doing more than 10
    songs a day thx so much for the tips

  15. Your chin looks pointier!! I need help lol


  17. I’m soo happy I found u lol I found from AreWeFamous channel :))))

  18. Thank you so much for this video, I know that a lot of people including
    myself struggle to find the balance between eating what we usually eat vs.
    what is actually good for your body. I am making small goals to accomplish
    so that eventually I will be able to live a lifestyle that I am content
    with and one that is good for my body as well. Thank you again, your videos
    always inspire me!

  19. hmmm light dinner…ill have to try that

  20. You are so funny

  21. Just founded your channel today. But I already love you and your videos. 😀
    New subscriber here! 😀 :*

  22. Love the advices, srsly, I’ll try it. Simply loving all your videos! 🙂

  23. You gave great tips i been use this for 2 month and i have lost 5gk ^^

  24. OMG i just love your accent and you’re so pretty <3

  25. My mother passed away in cancer around 6 months ago. She was sick around 7
    months. She passed away on my birthday. Of course, the stress, sadness and
    anxiety made me eat more unhealthy. Obviously i gained weight, around 8 kg
    atleast. I’ve taken your good advice to heart and i’ve finally decided to
    try 100 % to stop with the candy. As of now, i stopped with the yogurt and
    bread and jucie and have cut down on the pasta. I just recently started
    excercising, if only a little, but its something. I eat way too much candy,
    and your advices are so good.

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