Simple Exercises for Anyone

These are simple exercises that anyone can do with or without any gym equipment. They can even be done without any special sneakers or workout footwear or gym mat. If you’d like to add sneakers or a floor mat you can, it’s just not necessary to find exercises that are easy to do daily without it being a production or going to the gym. Simply using the floor and some handy furniture can give a healthy workout to increase energy, fitness level, improve stamina and mood, assists to improve balance and to ward off diseases with a firmer, stronger and healthy body.


Standing straight up with back in good posture, spread the legs apart to the outside of the body. Bring one arm around to the opposite side of the body as far as you can comfortably reach and stretch. Hold this stretch as you deep breathe for 10 seconds. Return to the front and repeat on the other side. This twist exercise will help to keep the waistline thinner and sculpting by removing love handles.

Bend and Stretch

Stay in a standing position with feet spread a little wider than the body while lifting both arms overhead and bend at the waist to touch the toes, ankles or shin area. Hold to a count of 10 seconds and return to a standing position. Repeat the bend and stretch exercise 10 times to increase flexibility and to become more limber. The more you do this simple exercise move eventually you will be able to touch the toes or the floor.


Lunges are good for toning and tightening the leg muscles and to improve balance. Stand on the floor with one foot in front of the body. Keep the hands on the hips and lower the upper body so that the chest area comes down to the hip area. Keep the back straight and avoid leaning over beyond the knee area. Do these slowly until you become more comfortable with the movement. Take deep breaths with each downward and upward position. Repeat on the other side for at least 10 lunges per leg.

Dance Moves

Dancing in any fashion that you enjoy is a simple exercise that anyone can do. Moving helps to increase the oxygen level of the body with deep breathing, increases our circulation and keeps the muscles, bones and joints from getting stiff. Turn on any kind of music from the television, radio, CD player or DVD and dance to the beat for 20 minutes. The moves aren’t important but, do try to use the arms and legs as much as possible for the most benefit of dancing.

Chair Lifts

Sit on the edge of a chair and hold on firmly with the hands holding the edge of the seat. Keep the feet planted firmly in front of your body at the width of the shoulders. Gently lower the upper body in front of the chair using your arm strength. Do this motion down to the ankle area and then lifting back to the seat without touching the seat. Continue this upper body strengthening exercise 10 times and deep breath in and out deeply with each move.


Lie down on your back and place the hands under the buttocks. Lift the legs up so that the knees are close to the chest area. Lower the legs without touching the floor and lift each leg so that you look like a pair of scissors cutting. Continue this back and forth motion of the legs for at least 10 full repetitions. Take a deep breath and relax a moment before doing one or two more sets to increase leg and abdominal strength.

Bicycle in Place

Lying down on the back, place hands under the buttocks. Lift both knees to the chest area. Now use hands to lift the buttocks up off the floor slightly. Move the legs and knees similar to pedaling a bicycle and continue for at least one minute or more if possible. Deep breathe in and out while performing the bicycle exercise to help firm the leg muscles and buttocks.

Push Ups

Stand in front of a kitchen counter or sink area. Hold on to the edge of the counter and move body and legs back one full arms length. Do a single push up by lowering the upper body to meet the hands while the feet stay in place. Breathe in and out deeply while tucking in the abdominal muscles and keeping the back straight. Repeat at least 10 push ups and do this exercise any time of day to increase the upper body and abdominal strength.

Run in Place

Pretend you’ll be taking a little jog but do it in place instead. Use the arms back and forth as a runner would. Start slowly and increase the speed as you get into a comfortable running stride making sure to focus on deep breathing slowly in and out.

Lift the legs as high as possible to increase the heart rate and to burn calories as you get more comfortable running in place.

Practice this exercise at least once a day and it can be done while you’re watching television or waiting for dinner to finish cooking.

Exercise doesn’t need to be difficult, strenuous or cost money by investing in gym equipment for home or an outside gym. By doing any of these simple exercises throughout the day you will notice increase energy, increased stamina, improved mood and attitude, weight loss, as well as increased strength and flexibility

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