Simple Eight-Step Intuitive Eating Process Creates "Miracle" Outcomes for Women Who Feel Guilt or Shame Eating Food

Paradise, CA (PRWEB) August 17, 2006

Intuitive Eating is not sexy. It doesn’t help you lose weight overnight and with few exceptions, it isn’t something celebrities are publicly endorsing. Yet, for those who have adopted the mindset of eating what they want, without the guilt and potentially hazardous outcomes associated with many diets and emotional eating, Intuitive Eating is viewed as a miracle.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, between 2 to 5 percent of Americans experience binge-eating disorder during any six-month period. Women, however, are more likely than men to develop eating disorders as studies show only 5 to 15 percent of those with anorexia or bulimia are men, and only 35 percent of those with binge-eating disorder are men. For most women, emotional eating is psychologically based and those with it often times feel too shameful to disclose their affliction. While emotional eating cannot be cured with a gym membership or a slick, marketed diet program, it can be overcome through Intuitive Eating.

The concept behind Intuitive Eating is simple. Allow yourself to eat and enjoy the foods you want, since it has been proven that denying yourself “bad” foods leads to unhealthy cravings for them. As simple as it may sound, for those suffering through emotional eating, getting to the point of admitting a problem is extremely difficult. Adding to the problem is that Intuitive Eating rarely makes it to the headlines, where many who suffer from eating disorders will see them and be positively influenced. For example, it took years for American Idol star, Katherine McPhee, to come to grips with emotional eating. Admitting her problem turned out to be even tougher than going through the Intuitive Eating method that she publicly credited with losing 30 pounds and overcoming bulimia.

In an effort to combat the growing trend of emotional eating among young women and aging female baby boomers, who are easy prey for extreme diet programs, leading fitness and Intuitive Eating company, Healthier Outcomes, is launching a four-part educational campaign in September based on an eight-step Intuitive Eating process.

“You’d probably think a fitness expert is someone who has always been healthy and fit. Well, you’d be wrong if you thought that about me. I’ve suffered from emotional eating, and was fortunate enough to not only overcome this affliction, but turn my experience into an opportunity to guide others out of and away from the perils of emotional eating,” admits, Gillian Hood-Gabrielson, MS, ACSM, president of Healthier Outcomes, and a respected fitness and Intuitive Eating coach. “The launch of our virtual TeleSeminar series on September 6, 2006 touches on the very same eight-step Intuitive Eating process we successfully use for our clients. It teaches women how to overcome the five major blocks to emotional eating and break free of the vicious cycle of dieting, depression, deprivation, and weight gain. Our intention is to open the door for women to reach a point where they can eat what they love, guilt-free.”

The virtual seminar series is free and will include expert guests that range from best-selling authors to lifestyle and health experts. Outside of the focus on Intuitive Eating, other critical areas being covered include health, fitness, and techniques for overcoming stress and anxiety.

According to renowned dietician and co-author of the book, Un-Dieting, Diana Lipson-Burge, “80 percent of the dieting information out there is inaccurate. It’s no wonder diets not only don’t work, but studies prove that dieting can even cause obesity. Intuitive Eating releases one from shame and rebellion to a new found freedom to not only listen but to love your body and start nurturing it instead of depriving and abusing it to do un-natural eating.”

About All Healthier Outcomes

Headquartered in Northern California, Healthier Outcomes (http://www.healthieroutcomes.com) is a popular nationwide coaching practice specializing in Intuitive Eating and fitness coaching. The company offers a variety of solutions, from personalized coaching programs to workshops and fitness products, for women who seek to gain the power over food and reignite the relationship they have with their body.

Gillian Hood-Gabrielson is a highly sought after Intuitive Eating and fitness coach, and founder and president of Healthier Outcomes. She is available for candid and informative interviews by calling 866-650-6464.

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