1. yea buddy

  2. Big “:J:* if you ever get close to Eastern Ky I would like to invite you to
    stop the my IWT Temple Gym to train warrior style. It would be a great
    honor to have you! Strong Bear

  3. If you’re ever in Northern Indiana come to Goshen, There’s a mom and pop
    gym I go to called Ares Fitness and its great! The owners are real nice,
    the facility is super nice, and you can be as intense as you want in there!

  4. you are a beast big J

  5. it seems anytime fitness is one of the softest gyms around next to planet
    and LA FItness, ill stick with BIgJsExtremeFItness Gym or Goodlife my local
    goodlife is loaded with powerlifters and bodybuilders a completely
    different feel that a “commercial” feel

  6. Wow that background music….

  7. no noise and dont drop weights, more like no time fitness!

  8. basically planet fitness with barbells. pussy gym.

  9. That was a warm up workout for the big dog J

  10. digging the LSU chair 

  11. Nice work brotha!

  12. Can’t wait to hit shoulders tomorrow after watching this video!

  13. this video was Awesome! :D

  14. Gym looks a little soft for my liking, but whichever gets your ass of the
    couch is the gym for you.

  15. 0:11 he dodged the ever so awkward fist shake

  16. This is TOO quiet for a Big J video!

  17. Big J is really good at filming and motivating! love the mirror shots!

  18. Big j .. With full respect nothing like your dusty hard core gym .. I love
    it bro I love it .

  19. Nice equipment

  20. Come to my FitnessTime .. 

  21. is there a pin loaded shoulder press u cant do the stack on, awesome rear
    delt flye machine, loving it big j, home brother?

  22. only problem wit anytime fitness is the gay music

  23. believe it or not….not everyone needs to make a lot of noise to be
    intense…different strokes for different folks…..nice video big j

  24. Another great vid

  25. Big j you need to come to camp lejeune and lift with some the marines

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