Should People with Arthritis Exercise?

Many studies have shown that exercise can be a great help to people with arthritis. Exercise can reduce stiffness and joint pain plus it increases muscle strength, flexibility and cardiac fitness. It can also help with weight lose which can contribute to arthritis joint pain.

If you have arthritis you should talk with your doctor or other health care providers to find out what type of exercise they recommend for you. Everyone has a different situation and should talk to their doctor about their arthritis and what will work best. People with osteoarthritis in their hands will get different recommendations than someone with rheumatoid arthritis throughout their whole body. Your doctor can also decide how severe your arthritis is and how much exercise is enough and tell you the signs of when you should take it easy. Your doctor may even suggest starting with a physical therapist.

Many people start exercising with range-of-motion exercises and low-impact aerobics. A doctor or physical therapist can give you suggestions on a variety of exercises or sports that you should or should not participate in. A physical therapist who has experience working with people with arthritis can even show you how to do the proper exercises. They can design a home exercise program whether you have knee arthritis, arthritis in your hands, elbows, shoulders or hips. They can teach you about a pain-relief methods and even how to properly handle tasks like lifting heavy boxes or opening certain containers that may cause pain for people with arthritis.

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