Should I Feed My Dog Natural Dog Food Only?

by Fran Carter
(Manchester, UK)

Feeding a dog natural dog food is considered to be a radical and unnecessary practice by some people.

The majority of dog owners feed their dog regular off the shelf consumer dog food. This dog food usually contains preservative and other unnatural by-products which is why more dog owners are turning to a natural dog food solution for their pets.

The argument against natural dog foods is that you are feeding the dog the same foods that humans eat. It is argued that dogs require a different diet to humans so therefore it is not right to feed them the same foods as us.

Natural dog foods generally undergo no or very little processing. They are free of pesticides and preservatives and can be organic.

Many vegetarian dog owners feed their dog a vegetarian natural dog food diet. This diet consists of raw vegetables such as broccoli, beans and other veggies.

There is still a heated argument over whether a natural raw diet for dogs is ideal and whether or not it actually harms the insides of dogs.

Advocates on both sides stand by their own beliefs. Dogs on natural food diets have been known to live just as long as dogs on commercial food.

My personal opinion is that dogs should be fed a good balance or a high quality commercial dry dog food in addition to meat (either canned or raw) and raw bones such as chicken wings.

By following this sort of diet I know my dog is receiving all the nutrition he needs. Although I can see the benefits of a natural dog food diet, I don’t feel it should be an exclusive way to feed your pet.

Variety of the spice of life and that applies to your dog as well!

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Updated: April 11, 2013 — 11:50 am

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