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  2. I’m so proud of you! You’re an inspiration and I’m sorry you lost your
    beautiful Mom. I know she’s still watching over you every day.
    You look much happier and you are HOTTTT!!!!

  3. good video. when I was younger I was overweight too and the once I got in
    HS I started running and playing bball lost a lot of weight. now I’m
    slimmed down feeling better. 

  4. I’m happy for ya bro! …truth is tho I’m a big dude too and seeing all
    the extra skin that awaits me on the other side (seeing how very unlikely
    it will be that I’ll be able to afford a $20,000 surgery) I’m almost
    afraid to lose too much weight :-/ Thoughts?

  5. Jordan, I am of to go and have my surgery for skin removal – November 21,
    sending prayers for you during that time…your amazing heart shines bright
    to all the world to see.

  6. agreed, very motivating video and so well done for the consistent
    perseverance to keep going to your very healthy goal. brilliant.
    we have such a public health need to educate the young children to look
    after their weight as the scientific evidence suggests it is harder to
    maintain the lost weight, so lets ensure they never get obese. yeah, I know
    the gov. is in cahoots with food companies so its a battle.

  7. Greta Job alright. Make sure to NOT use a private cosmetic surgeon who is
    an “all rounder”. Get a specialist who works ’24/7′ doing what you are
    asking for. Look for the best place internationally for best results. Such
    as Yanhee in Bangkok (e.g. $3774US tummy tuck) and also many Korean
    Hospitals. Procedures are more main stream in Asia and the results are
    excellent. Just google before and after etc. 

  8. there is no secret about lose weight there is no super formula to lose
    weight you only have to eat less calories than you spend on the day, i lose
    a lot of weight and many days i was eating burgers but i was all the time
    going work walking no using lifts(elevators) i hate people who use the
    weakness of others to make money FUCKING

  9. Great job buddy.your story had alot of parallels to my own.was heavy as a
    kid teen got made fun of want a happy time in my life.2 months shop my
    mother passed away surprisingly. I admire your story.I need to walk
    exercise and eat healthy.glad to know their are beautiful women who can
    look past the excess skin issues.i hope your surgery went well.hope you put
    another updated.more recent video up to show how you look and what that
    process was like.thanks good luck

  10. +AnastasiaBBro You’re absolutely wrong. Everyone has a choice. Choosing to
    eat food required premeditation, therefore it’s a choice. Fat people like
    their food, I get that, but they always have a choice to change what they
    eat. They make their choices every single day. The sooner people who
    ‘suffer’ from obesity realize that they’re their own enemy, the sooner they
    can take steps toward self-betterment.

  11. Brother Jordan !!!! This is the Best Transformation Video !!!!! Ever
    !!!!! Wow !!!!! I thought I had it tough being 311lbs now and currently
    working on my transformation and my metamorphosis !!!! Thank You !!!! I
    know it’s Wayyyyy More Than working out and eating healthy, I want to go
    Deep Down Into the Source of how I became what I have become……. Thank
    you !!!! would love to hear some personal words of wisdom and your
    awakenings…. Oscar Z

  12. Yes Jordan your mom is watching over you with pride! I know I would be if
    you were my son! You are an incredible inspiration! Congratulations, job
    well done. Good luck with your upcoming procedure and God bless you. 

  13. Recently I’ve been tempted to start working out with a personal trainer
    because I want to start being healthier but have no idea what to do at the
    gym. The thing that’s holding me back is that I’m afraid any personal
    trainer will laugh at me because I’m not strong and have very low
    endurance. Basically I’m out of shape. Thanks for sharing your story! I now
    see some trainers might understand people who are not regular exercisers.

  14. It’s a shame that ppl get free or drastically reduced plastic surgery
    that’s elective while you have to deal with the excess skin that prolly
    causes irritation and maybe even yeast infections. You deserve a petition
    of some sort! Did ur mom die of natural causes, was she a model? Im only
    100 lbs but after having twins have an out of shape body and feel ashamed I
    can’t even get on my “body rider” machine but yet you pushed yourself and
    had 400lbs to work off.

  15. dude amazing video I cried almost the whole video I am at a place where I
    am losing weight and becoming happy again this encourages me so much to
    keep pushing in this fight.

  16. Thank you for Sharing, your story is truly amazing !

  17. Awh cutie I have a boston too

  18. FUCK YES. Oh my god. So proud of you!!!!!! 

  19. You really inspired me! Thank you! 

  20. Operation Smile More

    This was really good man im happy that you stuck towards getting healthy
    and im sorry for the lose of your mother.
    Remember her whenever you’re going against a obstacle, and I believe you
    can beat anything 

  21. AWWWWW

  22. You look like your mo:)

  23. Fuck me – you were a fat cunt!

  24. <3 looking good man, keep it up!

  25. Congrats man well done, good luck with the surgery on the 26th

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