1. Seriously, give it up already. You were wrong and you’re making yourself
    look really ridiculous now. I have no problem admitting that girl is hot,
    as I readily admitted she was attractive in my original post. She’s just
    got an annoying-as-hell personality.

  2. I’m only wrong if you aren’t jealous. Might want to make that clear before
    saying I’m wrong and ridiculous. Criticizing my sentence instead of the
    content only proves my point of how you are petty.

  3. HAHA, I’ve admitted about 5 times already that I am NOT jealous, that I
    have NO problem admitting that she’s very attractive, and that I SIMPLY
    FIND HER PERSONALITY ANNOYING! Why is that so hard to understand?! You
    never find attractive people annoying??

  4. Those exclamations really cleared it up for me 😛 Oh yeah, attractive girls
    are often annoying but usually when they act like bitches not because they
    have a funny voice.

  5. I just think she’s annoying because she has a stuck-up attitude and talks
    over John all the time..not just in this video, but also in others. She
    just comes across like a hugely pompous snob.

  6. You seriously think John hates her? I think he kind of likes her. They’d
    make kind of a cute couple. Just imagine her without a voice.

  7. Yeah, I used to think he liked her, too…but I think she’s just making him
    uncomfortable here, not because he’s attracted to her. In other videos, it
    really seems like he doesn’t like her..like in the one they did that I
    believe was about condoms. Sorry I was rude to you before. I thought you
    were trying to be difficult/rude to me but I realize now that it was just a

  8. I just read the entire description.. “Brought to you by Glyde condoms”.
    Nice bit of unbiased journalism from TYT. What’s next, “The health benefits
    of drinking”, brought to you by Jack Daniels.

  9. Stick to your guns. She IS annoying and condescending.. although I disagree
    she is hot. Give me a Sandra Bullock or Dawn French over some pretentious
    barbie doll any day. (and I’m showing my age now 😉

  10. Your thumbpic will give me nightmares. LOL =)

  11. Lisa is fuckin cute

  12. Masturbation… LIKE A BAUS

  13. What?

  14. When something is taboo it creates guilt,worry & covert actions that
    transfer into other problems.We should establish something as benevolent
    rather than let the ignorance continue & expect people to summon the energy
    to overcome something that is unnecessary in the first place.

  15. Are we talking about religion or abstinence because it all sounds like the
    same nonsense to me.

  16. Do u sex me reporter

  17. U r pretty

  18. Hell yea I’m brave

  19. Lisa do a show with your tits

  20. GLYDE Premium Vegan Condoms

    SEX & ORGASMS: Surprising Health Benefits! http://ow.ly/oMEmY

  21. I love it that the dude cant stop laughing

  22. It’s not unusual for a women to have higher sex urges. Just because they
    are not as open with it, that doesn’t mean they don’t.

  23. Orgasms are the best feeling, forget the health benefits 😀 But I do not
    have lots these days. There are more important things.

  24. where are his lips:<

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