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Free teeth whitening for certain conditions Dental visits for adults Community Programs for Healthy Children: Sunflower offers free services, such as We have great Sesame Street programs. Learn from Sesame Street friends about going to the . 7/1/2012 Page 2

Healthy Teeth _Healthy Me Sesame Street

teeth and washing hands and face. Then your child knows what to expect Sesame StreetTM “Happy, Healthy, Ready For School: Math is Everywhere” kit, “Sesame Street®,” “Sesame Workshop®,” “Happy, Healthy,

Healthy Teeth & Healthy Me Kits from Sesame Street! Lincoln Family YNCA: YMCA Membership DAY ONLY Specials Available! Golf, Basketball and Tee Ball Stations Bounce House Carnival games Water Activities Arts & Crafts and Coloring station

Review Sesame Street Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me. This project is a bilingual multimedia outreach initiative designed to empower children ages two to five years make healthy choices for their oral health and educate adults about the benefits of oral health care, having a dental

Building the Foundation: Peace and Conflict Education inEarly Childhood Development Programsin Partnership with PenMedia. Module 5: Healthy Me, Healthy Us!

Created Healthy Teeth , Healthy Me . This multimedia initiative motivates families to care for children’s teeth early For healthy tips, visit sesamestreet.org/teeth. “Sesame Street®”, “Sesame Workshop®”, and associated characters,

The dentist will help keep the child’s mouth and teeth healthy. Activities: it is important for children not to attend classes when they have these infections * * This poem is adapted from the Sesame Street Healthy Habits for Life Resource Kit.

Sesame Street Food for Thought packets were mailed to LA’s on September 13, 2012, addressed to Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me is a multimedia, bilingual (English and Spanish) kit that includes a Sesame Street DVD featuring songs by Elmo,

Are established, this seems to be very true: Your HEALTHY change in familial patterns will be evidenced by other people's UNHEALTHY

Her way home • Stay home by herself • Cross the street • Recognize "stranger danger" Alex cannotor will never be able to do. It is my healthy skepticism, brought to fruition through research

2.00/1 PediaCare Cold or Allergy Relief, 4 oz. $1.00/1 Orajel Gel, .18 to 1 oz, or Sesame Street Tooth/Gum Kit, 1 oz. $1.00/1 SinuCleanse Kids Mist Sinus Relief $2.00/1 Hyland’s Cold

For Max consists of some soy milk, oatmeal, and a healthy dose of Sesame Street. There's a bit of play, sloppy teeth brushing, and the rigmarole of trying to cajole

To be rather healthy in Indian cooking. It4 cup) Salt to taste Optional sesame seeds Rice bran oil tofor 10-15 mins. Use a tooth pick to check if the

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