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Just like the Energizer Bunny, you can keep going and going even when you’re way past your prime. Just get yourself familiarized with some tips to a better and younger you. First of all, chuck the chocolate. Instead of reaching over that sinful bar, eat fruit or honey on toast and you’ll get the same sugar fix. Both are healthier options to quiet your craving, and are high in natural sugar, making them good sources of carbohydrates. If you really must have chocolate, opt for good quality dark chocolate because it has less sugar. Don’t forget to cut down on your coffee and alcohol as well. Sure, these stimulants give you an unbelievable surge of energy, but it’s also followed by an energy low. Even worse, they’re addictive, which means you’ll drink more and more every time you achieve the same effect. Reduce your intake and drink more water instead. Having a couple of glasses in between will help dilute the bad stuff.

When it comes to eating, cut down portion sizes but eat more often. Munch on something once every three hours to keep your blood sugar level up and your energy on an even keel. And, because this allows your body to burn calories every so often, it will help speed up your metabolism and help you to actually lose weight. Remain upbeat all throughout. Your general mood can dictate how you’ll feel inside. Acting bubblier can perk you up even when you’re feeling sluggish. Even better, your cheerful nature will rub off on the people around you that you’re bound to be bouncing off the walls with all the positive energy.

Don’t forget to exercise. The routine helps you get a natural high because it releases endorphins, the feel-good chemicals responsible for happy emotions. Regular exercise promotes relaxation, stress reduction, and even healthy sleep patterns. Do you find getting into a regular exercise regimen tedious? Do something you actually enjoy. If you’re the non-athletic type, go for yoga, but if you want a rigorous physical challenge, try running or hiking. The key is to do something you really enjoy, so you can sustain the habit longer.

The fitter you become, the better your self-esteem will be. The moment you start on it with the goal of staying fit and fabulous, you also start feeling good about yourself. There’s a sense of pride and accomplishment, because you know that you’re into the habit of self-improvement. And when you finally see the results of all your hard work, you also will feel good and ready to take on just about anything you can imagine.

Every part of your body is interrelated. If your tooth aches, the rest will feel the pain. But, when all your systems function well like a newly-fueled machine, then you’ll definitely feel healthier and better. Your body won’t have to deal with problems such as high blood pressure, lack of energy, increased risk of and diabetes, among other unhealthy conditions. That should actually be reason enough to stand up from that couch and head for the nearest gym.

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Updated: November 9, 2013 — 5:00 pm

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