Self Help Tips to Lift Depression with Meditation Techniques

With dark cold days coming, you might be wondering how to cope with the negative thoughts that often accompany the change of weather and can lead to depression. Recent studies have revealed that age-old meditative techniques and more modern cognitive therapy can help alleviate the symptoms. The good news is that there are new do-it-yourself mood-lifting mediations that can make your life so much better.

First of all, you need to get moving. For many people, meditation is a remote, Eastern technique that involves sitting with your legs crossed on a cushion. But almost any activity can be mindful and healing. Through a practice of mindfulness, you can see how your thoughts aren’t facts because they come and go.

To slow down your thinking and realize that you can release negative thoughts as quickly as they come, try this eating meditation: hold a piece of fruit in your hand and intentionally look at it as if it were the first time you’ve seen this snack.

Notice the color and the ridges, if there are. Roll it between your fingers and pay attention to your thoughts about it. Then, put it inside your mouth and enjoy every moment before you swallow it.

Another great method would also entail uncovering the unconscious. Imagine you’re walking down a very busy street and you see a friend at the opposite side of the road. You nod and smile, but it seems as if your pal just walks along and acts as if you’re invisible. Did he not see you? Was he ignoring you? Was he mad or simply in a hurry? So, what did you exactly do this time?

Depending on how you interpret that event, you’re going to either feel good or bad. This kind of cognitive exercise can teach you how you unconsciously have these thoughts.
The point of the whole exercise is to make the normally conscious thoughts that fuel depression conscious so you can acknowledge them and easily let them all go. Get past that negativity soon enough and feel your spirits lifted.

Your mind plays a big role when it comes to overcoming depression. If you’re looking for a brain boost, reach for a crunchy snack of celery or green bell pepper.

Both veggies are known to boast an ample amount of a compound found in plants that is known to prevent inflammation in the brain that is associated with age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s. If you really can’t stand them, you can always be tactical about it. Sneak them into your diet by chopping celery and bell peppers before you add them to your salads and minced meats.

The point here is to take care of yourself by prioritizing your mind. Happy people are generally more productive. It’s time to live your life to the fullest and do something about negativity.

You’re never going to go far if you constantly see the glass as half full. It’s only when you become proactive with finding out ways can you finally realize that depression has never been a big help to you and to anyone else.

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Updated: October 31, 2012 — 2:18 am

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