Self Help Health Article – Build Up Your Immune System

by Colin King
(Key West, Florida, US)

Your immune system is what keeps your defences up against all the infections and inflammation triggers your body is bombarded with every day.

It can become compromised by many factors including taking antibiotics, exposure to chemicals and household toxins, by having poor quality nutrition in your daily diet, and by simply being worn down and sleep deprived.

There are certain steps you can take to build up your immune system, like getting rest, and taking top quality nutritional supplements and herbal based vitamins. It is also important to take commonsense steps to avoid situations that promote spreading of bacterias or virus from others to you.

No one can promise that you’ll never get hit with the flu or catch someone else’s colds. But you can increase your odds of staying well with the practice of a few good habits.

And in case you do get sick, you can get better faster if you know how to take care of your body. While most viruses won’t kill you, they can weaken your immune system to the point that other more serious diseases can take a hold in your body.

If you don’t believe this, just think of the number of times your cold has turned into a serious sinus infection. Given that the average adult suffers from sickness a couple of times a year, that’s a lot of opportunities to get seriously sick.

Rather than looking at it in a negative light, you can also say that you’ve also be handed an equal number of opportunities to stay healthy.

There are habits you know you should be doing. Nonetheless, you’re usually in such a hurry to finish your tasks you end up overlooking many of these wonderful practices.

Here is a list of what you usually forget:

1. Washing your hands after using the toilet. A large number of the population fails to do this after using the public toilet. Just think, you also touch the door handle on your way out. How many do you think have done just that? Use a paper towel when opening and closing doors. You’ll be surprised at the kind of bacteria you’ll avoid.

2. Get a flu shot every year. Viruses are mutating to the point that some of them afflict millions of people at one time. The best prevention is annual vaccination, especially for the older generation because they are more at risk for complications. People whose immune systems have been weakened through illness or medication should also consult their doctor about getting the shot.

3. Carry a hand sanitizer in your bag. Colds are typically passed from touching or just being in the same room as the sick person. Carrying a hand sanitizer allows you to clean your hands even when the closest water supply is located far away.

4. Change your toothbrush every three months as required by your dentist. Most of you don’t really follow this rule but your toothbrush can be a breeding ground for germs. Replace it as well every time you get sick with flu.

5. Stop being too hard on yourself. Believe it or not, being hard on yourself makes you more prone to diseases. Gain some confidence and take it easy when things go wrong. Such attitudes make you more stressed, and when you are, you challenge your immune system.

6. Treat yourself to the spa and go for the sauna. The hot air that you inhale kills most viruses, and that’s that.

7. Use a humidifier. Dry air provides the perfect environment for most viruses to thrive. Use the humidifier and make sure you change the water daily and clean it every few days.

8. Take a daily nutrition supplement to give your body the tools it needs to become and stay in optimal health. Herbal based natural vitamins are the best form of nutrition since it has been proven that chemically created vitamins do not provide the sustainable energy required in test subjects. Go natural to get healthy!

With these self help health strategies, you can go through life a much healthier person. Remember, pollution ages you by constantly risking your health. Do what you can as early as possible.

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Updated: October 31, 2012 — 2:11 am

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