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Secret To Permanent Fat Loss

Is There Really Such A Thing ?

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The answer to the question above “Secret to Permanent Fat Loss” is YES! It is Non-Stop Motivation, which is a never-ending energy source that will help you to reach and then maintain your ideal body weight for life!

Introduction to the “Secret to Permanent Fat Loss”

Choosing the result that you “truly want to create” by the end of yourweight loss program is — without a doubt — the first and most important step that you must take in your weight loss journey!

This end-result can be a number, like your total body weight, your body fat percentage, or any other number that is important for you to reach by the end of your program.

It can also be a vision of the way you will look when you reach your ideal body weight. What has worked for many of my clients is focusing on creating a body similar to a movie star or an athlete that has a lean, healthy, and attractive looking body.Once you have chosen the target that you will be aiming at, your next step is to look at your present situation in life. In other words, now that you know where you are going you have to objectively observe your starting point.

So what are your current circumstances? How much do you weigh? What is your body fat percentage? What is you total “body fat” weight? What is your lean body mass? What is your current nutrition strategy?

What is your current exercise strategy? For example, if you want to get to Los Angeles, do you think it would help you to know that you are currently in New York?. What would happen if you thought that you were in Miami, while in reality you were in New York?. What if you didn’t know where you were at all before you started travelling to Los Angeles?.

If you want to reach your ideal body weight and then maintain it for life you must learn how to objectively observe your current circumstances. Make sure you also use these Tillys Coupon Codes to receive great savings.

Dear reader, if you want to create permanent fat loss you must master the skill of tracking your current reality on a daily basis.

This, by the way is not as easy as it sounds! Don’t mistake the simplicity of this concept, with how difficult it is to actually implement in real life.

From my 15 year of experience in helping people to lose unwanted body fat permanently, this is without a doubt has been the most difficult “skill” for anyone to master!

Once you have chosen your goal and observed where you are in the present moment, start working on the steps that you will take in your weight loss program.

After you have chosen the end-result that you want to create, and you have objectively observed your “starting point” — your third step is to create the list of actions that you will take to go from here to there!

All the nutrition and exercise strategies that will help you to reach yourideal weight and to bring into reality the body of your dreams in the fastest time possible, you will find in this manual.

And once you are taking these steps on a daily basis, all you have to do tohit your weight loss target is simply keep adjusting your approach on a regular basis to make sure that your body doesn’t “adapt” to the nutrition and exercise strategies that you are using.

The exact adjustments that you have to make — so that you can keep breaking through the weight loss plateaus” that are a part of everysuccessful weight loss motivation program – you will find below!

Before you start your weight loss program it is important for you to realize that it IS NOT the nutrition and the exercise strategies that produce the momentum, the drive, and the energy to go through the hardest parts of your weight loss journey!

It IS only the non-stop motivation that can take you all the way to the end of your weight loss program and help you to bring into reality the body that you have been dreaming about!

This never-ending motivation fuel is produced by taking the first two steps, which is focusing on where you are going, and simultaneously focusing on where you are in the present moment!

In my book The Secret To Permanent Fat Loss you will find a simple, easy to follow “step-by-step” fat-burning strategy!

If you want to create irreversible, long-term weight loss motivation & success in the fastest time that is humanly possible — this is the ultimate fat loss system that you will find — for reaching and then maintaining your ideal body weight for life!

Inside the “Secret To Permanent Fat Loss” you will discover exactly how you can create the “non-stop” motivation fuel that is necessary for you to develop the single-minded focus that will help you to keep moving toward your major health goal without ever quitting or giving up!.

This exceptional 84 page ebook will equip you with all the necessary knowledge & motivation to make the journey of your lifetime and having discovered the “Secret To Permanent Fat Loss”, nothing less than perfection will do!!.

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