1. LOL This amid news that the smallest deductible is $5,000 ! LOL They must
    be counting on lots of fools who don’t understand what a deductible is !

  2. LOL Micha EL whatever your news source is… change it because your
    getting misinformation. My deductible is now $1500.00 under the Bronze
    plan and my premium is half of what it was for much better insurance. I
    guess the Tea Party’ers are counting on fools and morons to spread their
    lies and misinformation! LOL

  3. Can she lie her way out of this one (NOT) .. we all know OboobOCare is a
    huge scam.

  4. I can agree, it is much better than it was back in October…

    Just a week ago, I was able to get on the website, cancel my current
    application (as I don’t need to enroll yet) and log out in less than 5
    minutes, that’s including pauses and such… taking out pauses in my
    actions, etc. it’d be less than 2 minutes…

  5. Anyone know who the guy behind her is. to her right he has been there for
    all her hearing 

  6. PatriotsForJesusChrist

    more lies she said it would be up and working by nov 30th lol , everyone
    knows that it will never worked the way they say it would. she should be
    cuffed and tried for treason with everyone else that is involved

  7. PatriotsForJesusChrist

    look at all of the NWO followers , sticking up for the NWo’s.

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