1. wow seems like a perfect life 🙂 she absolutely deserves it! and dont
    forget all the hard work she put in there to become such a great artist!
    she is my faaaavorite skater! <3 <3 <3

  2. makeupstylehair9295

    me too…i wish she would do a makeup/hair tutorial.

  3. I’m SO thankful her friend influenced her to skate, or maybe she would have
    never started and maybe she would have been a gymnast instead! It’s amazing
    that she dedicates 12 hours a day to skating! Some of those high-training
    skaters can really take it for granted that they are only training so hard
    because they enjoy it and it’s their dream. I hope that one day if I get
    lucky enough to make it far and train hard, I will remember Sasha.

  4. *dedicated*

  5. I like adding peanut butter and Almond milk

  6. This is such a very interesting and intelligently prepared video of Sasha’s
    knowledge in nutrition. As an athlete, she’s taking very good care of her
    health and I think this video should been seen by many others who want to
    eat healthy and to also perform their very best. Also, her smoothie looks

  7. She didn’t seem to know what she was doing making the smoothie. If she made
    it every day wouldn’t she known how to make it better? Secondly her mom
    smelled it like she had never tried on before.

  8. She is so cute

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