1. And I’m just grateful that I found Sadie. I’ve been searching a lot too.
    not so much. not for years. but it seems like its the best on Youtube!!

  2. I wonder if someone bought “21 day yoga body” from Daily Om? Is there more
    videos than here,on Youtube? Did someone take it? What’s the results?
    Sadie, what do you recommend? I’m practising yoga. want to lose some
    weight, get rid of bad energy, etc. get from yoga and give the best I can.
    I’ll take kriya, hatha and nidra yoga course in Greece in July. But what
    about that exactly course? What kind of yoga it provides? Thanks in
    advance. Namaste.

  3. thank you , you are amazing i really enjoy it

  4. Love this series; not good for right before bed, but wonderful for the rest
    of the day.

  5. It’s really a shame that you get so much Spam comments. Your free yoga
    videos are awesome and have really improved my yoga practice. Thank you!

  6. awesome work out — i love that u really push the exhalations! >:-P

  7. Wow that was intense but so great!!!

  8. I loved it! Thanks Sadie! I can’t wait to do it again!

  9. Lala-Lorelei Living

    My Favorite yoga video <3

  10. KamiLa GuTierrez Matabenitez

    nice!! thanks! ;)

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  12. Thank you Sadie for the 30-minute yoga flow workout. I will use your
    workout for my routines to improve my exercise performance. Continue your
    success on sharing your knowledge.

  13. This was incredible! Can you please make a youtube channel for yoga? You
    are a very talented teacher!!!

  14. I know all your classes by heart, and this is my favourite so far. I have a
    quite nice body and a quiet mind because of you. Thanks a lot!

  15. very different flow.. thanks : ) 

  16. Thank you! I am chipping away and I am so grateful for your help!

  17. This is one of my favorites of hers! 

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  20. I really enjoyed your practice. Thank you for differentiating between
    physical weight and emotional weight. Yoga is my favorite method to use
    for mental weight loss. Great challenging workout!

  21. Hello Sadie.Thank you so much.How many calories we burn here;

  22. Excellent workout! My body works well when I do yoga. Thanks for the video.
    I love all your moves and the way you narrate it. Thank you.

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  24. getting back into yoga again after a few months…loved this! 

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