Sacred Spaces Meditation : Unlocking The Floodgates Of Awareness

meditation is the path to inner revolution. It’s the road to Bliss and complete independence from all vices. Meditation is the single solution of all problems of life and it gives us incomparable peace and relaxation. It makes us absolutely clear in life and removes all haze in our mind. meditation gives us an understanding of the real purpose and meaning of our life.

There are many techniques of practising Meditation. Each one is unique in its approach and makes use of different objects as the focus point of channelling the awareness of the Meditator. The Goal is common in all meditation techniques – to increase the level of Awareness. Each session of Meditation goes a long way in this direction.

Often many meditators come across a problem, they feel that the method that they are practising has come to a point where it is becoming a monotonous affair and is not leading to increased Awareness. One easy way of overcoming this issue, is to change the meditation technique. One should then choose such a technique which can help in opening the floodgates of his stuck awareness.

One such wonderful Meditation technique is the Sacred Spaces Meditation. It is devised by the Living Enlightened Mystic – Shri Anandmurti Gurumaa. The meditation is based on the Ancient Tibet practise of listening awarefully to certain sounds and the gaps arising between those musical sounds. The object of meditation is the sacred sounds of ancient musical instruments of the Tibet Tradition. The Buddhist Monks and meditators have used these instruments and their musical sounds very successfully through the ages as a means of meditation.

The fact is that even to create the sound out of these sacred instruments also requires the person playing it to be in a certain higher state of Awareness and heightened Consciousness. The meditator focuses his Alertness towards these sounds and this leads to a great improvement in his Awareness levels over time. The mind comes to the present moment and tremendous amount of energy is released.

The usual habit of the mind is to wander around in thoughts and oscillate in pleasure and pain, thus it loses a lot of its energy this way. By the practise of Sacred Spaces Meditation, that energy is prevented from wasting away in useless thoughts and thus we enter a deep state of relaxation and become like a reservoir of energy. We are relaxed completely and experience higher altitudes of Consciousness.

Each session of meditation gives us great lightness and a feeling of Bliss. The routine activities of the day start to reveal new insights that we had never seen before and even the most mundane task becomes divine. We start to see the beauty in every smallest object in our life. Great Satisfaction arises and we achieve the highest potential in our life, which we are totally unaware of right now.

The Sacred Spaces Meditation is a great meditation technique to accompany other techniques or can be practised by itself also. It’s a meditation of the Buddhist line of tradition. The advantage in this Hi-Tech Age is that one does not need to go the deepest caves in the Himalayas to learn such awesome techniques from the Gurus, but its available in the form of musical pre-recorded CD. One can easily make it a part of his daily routine and practice it on his own convenience.

The door to inner harmony and immense bliss is thus within the reach of every individual. Meditation opens the door to ecstatic experiences in this very life and Sacred Spaces Meditation is an easy step towards that point.

Vijay Kumar Raisinghani is a Natural Healthcare Expert and an avid proponent of a Healthy life, holistic Living and Natural Health. Besides being an Active meditator, his interests include Spirituality, Meditation, Buddhism and Zen. Check out www.gurumaa.com and www.yogawonders.com for your free demo of Gurumaa’s Life Trasforming Meditation techniques.

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