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It’s a new site—runningbenefitswho.com-and it looks at running and jogging as a lifestyle. It explains the many benefits of running and jogging– both physical and mental. The conversation comes from over 40+ years of running, for the benefits it provides, in many different venues. Running benefits who is going to provide articles in a series-discussing the subject matter from personal and professional experiences while providing information on its various applications and conclusions. Our first series of articles will dig into how runningbenefitswho– ever takes the time to engage in this activity.


Running benefits who and how

It is an activity that most of us can participate in, with little dollar investment and reasonable time allowance, that can fit into most schedules. As an aerobic exercise – it increases the heart beat while expanding your lungs. The increased blood flow and oxygen generation provides the energy for your life engine. Running benefits who-you with the movement of your muscles which increase bone density and structural strength. And over time your routine will grow and become a part of your life

Why is it important?

Our first series at runningbenefitswho.com will look at the many additional and intangible benefits of this activity, the first three articles have already been posted and we are working on the series finish. Read in total, along with the use of some of our suggestions, and we believe you’ll begin to understand running/jogging as a lifestyle.

The physical benefits of running -lower blood pressure, reduced anxieties, lower weight, greater sexual activity and running benefits who than becomes apparent. Beside the physical benefits there are numerous social benefits, new friends and business opportunities, as you become acquainted with the legions of others that take advantage of their own gifts.

The series has begun and runningbenfitswho.com has the first of the articles posted.

Is there a need??

People are spending enormous amounts of money on various weight programs, workout devices, hypnosis and gypsy spells-to lose weight, reduce anxiety and gain some control over their lives. Running benefits who is a site dedicated to an activity that most of us can participate in and at very little cost. Running benefits who explains from personal experience the many benefits available with your God given workout machine. We talk about the physical and mental benefits and, at running benefits who, we also point out the many social opportunities available.

The benefit and how?

What might seem an obvious answer to the question would probably miss many of the intangible benefits of running and jogging? Running benefits who talks about this activity in all of its aspects. The physical—you should get one–before starting, if you have been inactive. The how—running benefits who explains some simple programs to get you started and also provides a simple method to determine proper shoe fit. The where to run —school tracks, scenic paths and trails -all are parts of the running benefits who series.

The New Site

You can run solo, get a partner or join the many clubs and groups available. I have been a solo runner for most of my years and enjoy the serenity of a hard workout followed by a relaxing shower. On running benefits who –we explain and encourage running as a lifestyle. The ability to grab a workout while on a business trip or with an extra half hour to kill is a tremendous benefit, for men and women with busy schedules. The immediate feeling of well being, after a rigorous workout, and the accompanying less anxious physical state is great—join us at runningbenfitswho.com

and contribute while we grow.

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