1. I love Luther. I am sorry Ruben.

  2. If he does the juice diet he will loose weight like crazy 

  3. awww looove REUBEN!!

  4. Wow He did a 5k! Thats a start. He still very young too, so its a head

  5. 112lbs, that’s awesome! 

  6. Finally Gorge foreman has a removable plate.

  7. Congrats Ruben!! losing that much weight is amazing!!

  8. Easy Route out ?
    That’s why he can’t lose and keep his weight off, Pure Ignorance !
    Having Weight Loss Surgery is far from it, had I not had it I would be
    crippled due to a major back and neck issue.. Easy ? Really ? I could have
    died having it done but it was my last hope that gave me my life back !
    Yes I was just like him, couldn’t lose weight as I tried and couldn’t, he’s
    even proven that on the biggest loser he couldn’t !

  9. What a inspiration! I’m on the journey to fit myself. Documenting it as I
    go 🙂 

  10. Wendy,I never have too much to say unless I am complementing you and your
    glam team. Wendy, leave the man alone I sense that he has to deal with his
    weight issues. Stop talking about the man. He carries the burden not you.
    Love you Wendy, but please stop it with Ruben.

  11. Wendy it look like it hurt your soul to be nice to Ruben,,I glad he’s a
    humble guy 

  12. Awww Ruben. Wendy was kinda mean.

  13. Love you Ruben!!!! Through Him you can do it!

  14. Aww Ruben look good and his skin looks clear. At least his making progress.
    Did anyone else see that there was nothing in the George Forman gill box
    that he put down lol

  15. He’s such a sweet man, Wendy is mean for saying she’s gonna roll him up the
    hill to the hospital lol

  16. Ruben is FINE now!! ooooweee


  18. What a nicest gifts for the audience!! Love u Wendy.

  19. I’m surprised he showed up after you dogged him a few weeks about his
    weight. Smfh

  20. Wendy, you have to be the only person I know who body rolls while singing
    Christmas carols LMBO I love it! Ruben is AWESOME!! I believe that he will
    reach his fitness goals and I can’t wait to see the end result!

  21. It’s really not a good idea to try to lose weight by working out 6 days a
    week or something extreme like that because it is not sustainable. You’ll
    get in shape faster but you’ll gain it all back because you’re not going to
    workout 6 days a week for the rest of your life.. So once you go down to a
    normal 3-4 days a week, you’ll start to gain again. Quick fixes are just
    that, quick fixes, but they don’t last.

  22. Loveeee Ruben 😀 <3

  23. Wendy seriously….

  24. Was being on “The Biggest Loser” a publicity stunt? When they showed Ruben
    after he left the show he had all of this help with his nutrition and
    workout. So I guess it was to publicize his album. Wendy seem so skeptical
    as a former “fatty”. I just hope that Ruben is able to keep up the healthy
    lifestyle. Luther went up and down with his weight loss, miss him so much.
    I hope Ruben is able to stay around a long time.

  25. Wls patients are very disciplined people and I do take responsibility for
    my actions

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