Romance, Relationships & Dating

Romance, Relationships & Dating….romance is something that most woman want. They don’t tell you how they want it but they do want it.

For the man that doesn’t understand that romance has many different layers let me give you a few ways to express your love for her.

Not only will she give you a huge smile, a boost in physical affection, but she’ll truly understand how you feel. If you should know at least one thing about a woman, it’s that woman love to be loved and know that they are loved by the one they love. The Bedside Table Gift

I can’t tell you how many times this has worked for men. A small gift (think chocolates) with a flower or even a vase full of flowers near the bedside table can do wonders. Remember to leave a little not expressing how much you love her. She’ll have a wonderful morning being captivated by your message. The candy and flowers are just a bonus to her….please note: You have to have bedside tables for this!.

Surpise Her With A Lunch Date

Most people like surprises. That goes especially for woman. I haven’t met a lot of woman that don’t like surprises. A surprise I think every man should give to their woman is a lunch date during work hours. If you can, of course. Not everyone works a salary job and that’s understandable. If your woman is working hour to hour and only have a short lunch break, continue reading below.

Lunch At Work

Just because you can’t take her out to lunch doesn’t mean you can’t bring her one. This can become a little tricky if you don’t know when she’ll have her lunch break. So remember to bring something to keep the food hot, and try to find out the time she normally takes her lunch break. This requires a bit of planning but I assure you that she’ll be much more appreciative that you went out of your way to provide her a wonderful, romantic lunch.

Give Her A Day

Declare a day that is just for her. You’ll do anything, take her anywhere, and say anything that she wants for that day because it’s all about her. She’ll absolutely love the idea and the execution if it goes properly. This only works if you have a girl that isn’t totally into herself and disrespects you.

Write Her A Love Letter

You don’t really see this often anymore but why not write her a love letter. Sure you might be living with her, but can you imagine her receiving a love letter while you’re away on a business trip? A love letter is one of the most romantic things you can do for woman. You just have to time it right and really pour your heart onto that letter.

Being romantic isn’t difficult but it does take some work. You can’t expect to be a professional after one go. Try your hand on some of the suggestions above and then try to create one yourself.

Enjoying Healthy And Happy Relationships

The longer you have been with someone, the easier it becomes to be comfortable with them and to accept his or her needs. How many married couples do you know that set aside time for each other after years of marriage? In order to keep your relationship alive, you need to put in the effort to spend time together and surprise your partner. Let them know that you still love and cherish them.

In the early stages of a relationship, you cannot spend enough time with each other. That soon fades as life moves on. Take the time to remember what that was like.

There are many ways to keep a relationship alive. Try spending time together in a shared hobby, or walking together holding hands for half and hour a day. Catch up on each other’s days when you get in from work over a coffee. Say something nice to each other before you get out of bed in the morning and before you go to sleep at night. Offer up at least one compliment per day.

Most of all, try something new that you can do together to add a little bit of spontaneity. Embarking on something new will get you out of the old routine. The spark of the early relationship will soon return.

Although I am in no way condoning partners who put their spouses down with personal comments, try to keep as fit and healthy as possible to make the most of time with your partner. The likelihood is you will live longer and be able to spend more quality time together, not to mention improving you sex life!.

Always set aside a weekend or week to go away together, just the two of you. Breaks away usually remind you of all the reasons why you fell in love and can also help to re-ignite a spark before returning to your mundane weekly existence. Convenience relationships are not worth the time invested, so these breaks will stabilize your relationship.

Anybody who loves the person they are with would do anything to make them happy and so will not mind making the effort to keep the relationship alive. Many people never actually find that love, even though there is someone out there for us all. If you have, make the most of it and never let it go.

Putting in the effort will stop you from becoming just another statistic and ensure you last the course!.

Top Tips for Online Dating

Top tips for online dating….despite all its connotations and the belief that it’s only cyber geeks and middle aged, overweight divorcees that use internet dating, the truth is, it’s growing in popularity. However, if you’re thinking about trying to enter the elusive land of Internet romance, read these top tips for online dating first.

It’s Not all about Looks

Admit is; you know it’s true. This is exactly why your brief relationship with the Brad Pitt look-alike didn’t work out – he may have been picture perfect on the surface but underneath it all he was boring, shallow and simply waiting for the next girl to come along.

Not that all great-looking men succumb to this stereotype but don’t refuse an invite to a date just because he looks more David Guest than David Beckham. And remember: some people actually look better in person than they do in photographs!

Don’t Hide Behind Your Computer

It’s easy to ‘fake it’ on the Internet and make someone think you’ve got chemistry with each other when you simply haven’t. Remember that when he’s got all the time in the world to think before he speaks – he’s going to make sure he says all the right things.

Instead, meet as soon as possible. There’s no point wasting time talking to someone online who when you meet, is just all wrong for you.

Be Realistic

Your online dating profiles might suggest that you’re the perfect match – you’re not. Not only do people tell white lies on their profiles, but the truth is that no-one’s a perfect match for one another, all of the time.

Be Prepared

Despite the fact that online dating is becoming ever more ‘normalised’, there’s still a fair share of weirdo’s just waiting for a date with you.

Ensure to let someone know where you’re going and when you’ll be back. Don’t go anywhere alone with him and arrange a public meeting place – ideally the location of the date. Do not let him pick you up from your home.

It’s also a good idea to have a friend available that you can text should you need notification of a sudden ‘emergency’…

Don’t Drink too Much

A glass or two to help you relax is fine. So much wine that you lose your judgement is not. That bloke who you were initially very wary of may suddenly seem like the loveliest man alive – don’t get in such a state that you lose all sense of self and do something you may well regret.

Pay Your Way

Especially if you’re not interested in a second date. Letting him pay when you have no intention of ever seeing him again is just mean, so ensure to pay your half.

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