Risks and Dangers of Plastic Surgery

by Eva Martinez
(San Antonio, Texas, USA)

Today, plastic surgery is far more advanced than it used to be. But just because the world is making strides in this form of surgery does not mean that there are no risks involved. Anytime somebody has surgery, there is a chance for complications, and some risks that go along with it.

You may run into dangers from the anesthetics or from the actual surgery itself. In addition, you must also take into consideration that you doctor could make a mistake that could lead to complications.

The dangers that are associated with plastic surgery are quite broad. There is no clear cut way of outlining the complications that may occur during one of these procedures. This is what makes deciding whether or not to have plastic surgery a difficult choice.

The most common problem that people run into when having plastic surgery done is the scarring that goes along with it. This differs from patient to patient, and depends on a number of different factors such as how fast you heal, as well as how efficient your surgeon is.

Anytime that your skin is cut into you should expect to have some scarring. But the good thing about plastic surgery is that the surgeon can usually hide the scars. For example, in a breast enhancement or reconstruction surgery they can hide the scars under the crease of the breasts. This way they are not visible.

Another danger that you may have to contend with if you have plastic surgery is the risk for infection. As long as you can find experienced plastic surgeons working on you this is usually not an issue. They will know what to do during the surgery, and will also be able to keep a close watch on you afterwards. Monitoring incisions are the best way to avoid infection.

Some people that have had plastic surgery complain about nerve damage. This is a danger that you definitely want to avoid. When this happens, you will lose feeling in the particular area that was being worked on. In some cases, temporary loss of feeling is to be expected. But a long term problem with this is a definite danger that you should consider.

There are certain dangers that go along with certain procedures. This is why speaking to a board certified plastic surgeon as an absolute must. They will be able to tell you what to expect after the surgery, as well as the risks that are involved.

You never want to deal with a plastic surgeon that is not experienced in your field. By doing this, you are only increasing your chances of running into problems; something that you do not want to do.

Overall, there are many risks and dangers of plastic surgery. The best way to combat these problems is by knowing the details that they involve, and then working with an experienced surgeon.

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Updated: October 31, 2013 — 11:59 am

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