Rhimba Fitness – Dance Exercise DVD Released

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) April 18, 2008

Rhimba, Inc. is a new fitness company that has combined dance, fitness and music from around the world. Rhimba has just recently launched their new website http://www.rhimba.com. Their dance exercise DVD is approximately 54 minutes long total of which the workout is approximately 40 minutes long. The workout consists of a warm up section, Latin, African, Belly Dance, European Folk, Reggaeton and a stretch & tone section which is also the cool down. The DVD also has a 10 minute learning section at the beginning in which the instructors explain how to do the harder steps.

To promote their company and to better connect with people, Rhimba Fitness will be at the following events: Orlando, Florida, April 18th to the 20th 2008 – at the Hispanic Business Expo and in Miami, Florida, April 26th & 27th 2008 – at the Health & Fitness Expo. They will have live performances on stage to introduce their new fitness workout. Expo attendees are welcome and encouraged to participate in the dance exercise to experience it first hand. The Rhimba team will be giving away free DVD's to anyone who joins in the dance workout on stage.

Real life success story, Miriam Morales, says, “Rhimba is absolutely wonderful! I suggest you all go out and get it. Whatever you want to lose, you name it, you got it and you'll lose it!”

The company was originally started by 3 business professionals who are also fitness enthusiasts. They saw the need for a new fitness workout that would be fun, challenging and different from the rest. The original three, Peter Nagy, Sr., Dwayne Alers and Peter Nagy, Jr. were joined by two professional dancers Katie Leavitt and Amal Kronvold. Together they created a synergy of dance and fitness fused with “flavors” from around the world to shape up your body and shake up your life.

To learm more and to see how you can get some free ebooks from Rhimba, visit their website at: http://www.rhimba.com.

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