Resist Food Temptations & Stay Fit

by Helene Mansion
(Salt Lake City, USA)

Do you cave every time a naughty morsel crosses your path? In a world where you can inhale half your allotment of calories as you head towards a drive-thru, often the only thing standing between you and the extra amount of flab is willpower.

The elusive ability to halt the urge to indulge isn’t something you can always depend on. If your powers of resistance are lacking, you’ll be psyched to learn how research shows that willpower s a kind of mental muscle, and like all the other muscles in your body, it can get stronger.

You now know that the capacity for self-control can be increased. Put some tactics into practice and soon enough, that pizza slice or glazed donut will be no match for your mental strength. It always helps to eat smaller, more frequent meals.

Going too long without eating makes your blood sugar plummet. That leaves you with a raging appetite that can empower your best intentions to eat well.

If you have small meals every three to five hours, your blood glucose remains stable, preventing the wallop of a sugar low that often leaves you vulnerable to overeating.

Your blood sugar levels do more than affect how hungry you get; they’re also directly connected to willpower. Raising blood glucose with sweetened drinks can restore your willpower.

Mental tasks such as self-control or concentration require the same energy your body runs on. So, it will be harder to exert willpower if you haven’t had enough to eat. Plus, your thighs won’t take too kindly on your drowning sugary drinks too often.

Instead, reach for snacks that mix carbs with lean protein and a bit of healthy fat to keep the level on an even keel.

Also avoid emotional eating at all costs by staying upbeat. It’s estimated that when people overeat, most of the time it’s because they’re feeling blue. It stands to reason that lifting your spirits might also help take your mind off munching.

Even small doses of pleasant emotions can quickly renew your ability to say no when needed. So next time you’re staring temptation in the eye, watch a hilarious movie or talk to your pals.

The good feelings might be temporary, but they’ll last long enough to get you safely past that slice of cheesecake.

Then, weigh yourself regularly if you notice that you’re losing sight of your goal. Few things keep your weight-loss front and center better than seeing those big glowing numbers on the scale.

Regular weigh-ins also make it easier to notice extra pounds creeping in, so you can slash and burn immediately. The more frequently you step on a scale, the more you lose all that weight.

Just remember that you shouldn’t get discouraged if the numbers aren’t always the ones you want to see. Your clothing, the time of day, and how much water you’re retaining affect your weight.

To improve your odds of slimming down, break your goal weight into several smaller targets so you have better chances of sticking to them.

Achieving one will motivate you to hang on for the next one.

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Updated: July 15, 2013 — 7:20 pm

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