1. Monsanto is not in the vitamin business. Monsanto wants you to eat more of
    their Frankenstein food. It’s that simple. If a news source reports on
    this topic, they are clearly in co-hoots with Monsanto. CBS is becoming
    more “Fox Lite” with each passing day. Sad.

  2. A big problem is that the multi-vitamin market is unregulated. This means
    that the content of the product is based on the integrity of the
    manufacturer. Dosage for multi-vitamins is also a huge question, because no
    doctors can agree on weather they help health in the first place. 

  3. And in other news from The Land of D’uh!”…

    If anything, vitamin supplement pills will just compensate slightly for a
    lack of basic nutrition — mostly they will just disappear in your wee.
    Quite literally, you are pissing your money away buying these products.
    Better just to eat some decent cereal, fruit, veg and protein of your

  4. Or maybe the research found that over consumption (because its says taking
    vitamins regularly) of vitamins doesn’t provide ”extra” health?Just
    I really doubt if a vitamin doesn’t benefit malnutrited people.

  5. Wasn’t this channel the one to report on many multivitamins containing
    little to no vitamins, but instead just fillers?

  6. *** This message brought to you by Big Pharma and the Cancer industry,
    carry on eating McDonalds and not getting proper vitamin/hormone intake so
    you shrivel up into a cancerous tumor! Have a nice day!!!!***

  7. I think the key word is “well nourished.” What do they do for people whose
    nutrition is not well balanced?

  8. How many Americans eat healthy, well-balanced diets? How many Americans eat
    fast-food and junk food? This study doesn’t apply to most Americans.

  9. I feel a bit better physically when I take them. 

  10. I’ve taken a multivitamin, NOT a ‘supplement’, once a day for years and
    haven’t had a cold or the flu for years. I realize it isn’t designed to
    cure my winter hayfever, prevent cancer, heart problems, maintain good
    cholesterol and prevent hang nails as the ‘supplements’ claim they do, but
    it does do what it’s intended to do.

  11. I think the real issue with this “research” is that it’s not controlled
    study groups, its mass “meta-data”, of large groups of people who don’t
    supplement correctly or regularly to fix deficiencies. Proper
    supplementation *does* work. More trustworthy controlled studies have
    already proven that.

  12. as a vegetarian who is trying to be a vegan i take calcium supplements and
    b12. I realize I could get those from vegan sources like actual plants and
    stuff but finding out what exactly to eat and where to get it and how to
    cook it etc is too much of a pain some times

  13. Sounds like pharmaceutical propaganda to me! Stop taking vitamins so Obama
    care can make more money!

  14. Damn Louis is NEVER surprised but changes his voice and tone when he says

  15. interesting theory

  16. I’m curious how they actually conducted this study, I mean, who was their
    control group? What were they measuring? Did they just get a bunch of
    people, give some supplements and others not and then sit back and see who
    is “healthier”? There’s more to good health than just life expectancy and
    heart disease.

  17. Who actually follows the doctors or health government’s recommended daily
    MINIMUM servings of fruits and vegetables? AND has anyone quantified the
    amount in front of them and weighed the portions for one person per day?

  18. C:\Users\David\AppData\Local\Louisbot2000\ run surprise.exe
    ‘surprise.exe’ not found
    Abort, Retry, Fail?

  19. let me guess. this is from the same researchers that said there is no
    global warming? that GMOS are 100% safe for humans?

  20. There are symbiotic relationships between nutrients in the foods we eat,
    which we still do not fully understand. For example, many vitamins like
    vitamin D are fat soluble and are only properly absorbed when consumed with
    fat. So, there may be benefits to taking individual supplements, provided
    they are consumed in a way that maximizes absorption, but removing
    nutrients from their natural sources and cramming them together in a single
    pill is certain to be ineffective.

  21. Much of the supplement industry is a scam, so it doesn’t surprise me that
    multivitamins have no real demonstrable efficacy. Nutrition is far more
    complicated than merely isolating a few vitamins and minerals, and assuming
    that ingesting an adequate quantity of them, as defined by some arbitrary
    standard, will produce good health. For one, most vitamins and minerals, in
    order to be bioavailable – meaning that the body can absorb and incorporate
    them for a particular function – must be ingested with other nutrients, and
    possibly with other substances in real food that have yet to be discovered.
    Furthermore, certain dietary habits can introduce substances that impede
    the bioavailabilty of nutrients. Therefore, taking a pill, which is merely
    composed of vitamins and minerals distilled through some chemical process,
    without factoring in all the other parts involved in the absorption of
    these substances, in the hopes of improving health, makes about as much
    sense as only trying to drive a car with one tire, when it takes a
    combination of four wheels to make the car move.

  22. I think a lot of the vitamins that are supposed to be in the mulitvitamin
    products disapear during the process (a lot of which are cooked) of turning
    them into the pills. You could easily find a raw food supplement via

  23. ,u;tivotamins do wprk davik pakman lies.

  24. Well nourished.

  25. The only thing they do is help ensure you have not dip in the necessary
    requirements. That is it. They are not some wonder drug. If you are working
    out a lot and drinking a lot of water and reducing your food portions and
    possibly training on high protein and little to no veggies or a period, a
    multi-vitamin is not a bad idea.

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