Relax with Yoga or Pilates for Lifetime Fitness

The thought of sweating hard for hours every week in a commercial gym might not be your idea of fitness heaven. If you prefer the idea of a gentler form of stretching and flexibility exercise, and one that you can do at your convenience in the comfort of your own home, then I think I have an ideal suggestion for you. You can now check out two different kinds of physical fitness methods that suit all ages and all levels of health: Pilates and Yoga.

Just because you?ve already retired from work, you now have to take a break from life as well. When you do this, you need not say goodbye to happiness and good health forever. You should lead a more active life in order to enjoy what you have more. T

o do this, see to it that you exercise regularly so that your body stays fit and robust. Yes, older people have the right to enjoy a more active life. All they need to do is be more watchful of the lifestyle they lead.

There are actually so many exercises that promote relaxation, which could be perfect for the older generation. Yoga and Pilates seem to be all the rage nowadays. You need to make sure that your muscles are kept moving the same as anyone else or else you will lose your strength.

These types of exercise are good for you because it doesn?t put too much stress on your body. Nonetheless, the movements you will be asked to make enable you to stay strong and healthy, especially against diseases that may come as your body gets older, and thus, more susceptible to ailments.

You need to move around to get a feeling of well-being. To start off, you need to learn all the required movements. Both types of exercises tell you to start by deep breathing and counting as you take in air to your lungs. This helps bring fresh air to your brain.

Take deep breaths and work on the various muscles of your body. To learn more about the routine, you need to purchase a book or a DVD so that you have something to guide you through the workout. You don?t need to attend class for this. All you need is a TV and a DVD player, and you?re basically set.

Your goal would be to focus on the different parts of your body. Make sure that you work all your muscles in the entire regimen. Yoga concentrates on breathing while Pilates strengthens your back and stomach muscles. It is beneficial for everybody, young and old alike.

These offer a complete method of physical fitness. Pretty soon, you will definitely see a marked improvement on your strength and energy levels. Start slowly and go a step up only when you?re comfortable with the routine.

Unless you?ve been doing it for years, you must remember to take it slow or else you will strain your muscles and injure yourself.

Back and joint pains, weak bones, cramps, osteoporosis, and decreased mobility are just some of the adverse side effects of someone who lives their life as if they had another one to spare. When you drown yourself in inactivity, you will see a downward spiral in terms of health.

The secret here is doing things slowly and gradually. Pretty soon, you?ll see that you have tougher muscles and improved circulation. Years of practice isn?t a prerequisite in order to bring together the benefits of your new routine.

You just need willpower to be successful at it.

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Updated: November 15, 2013 — 5:09 am

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