1. Thanks for the post!

  2. lol good video it was pretty funny where he stick his name in his armpit
    and takes a “deep breath in and out”

  3. do trhese cause wrinkels????

  4. no.. wrinkles happend when muscles are weak then skin is loose. i do
    stretches like. opening my eyes really wide and ears would move up. my
    mother says my facial exercise would make my head have wrinkles but
    actually my face is tyter and even under my kneck my muscles are lean tyte
    and jawline is sharper. it works just takes really long

  5. dont mean under my neck lol.. i meant my neck it self. . ill explain one
    exercise. . bring your chin up high- tilting your head back. opening and
    close mouth. 10 reps x 3 sets.. make sure your bite is align, if your have
    perfect teeth its a plus. im sure models work on thier faces, checks,
    jawline. everything. im only 20 and love to exericise. you can exercise
    everything.. eye exercises even help me see better. oright im getting too
    carried away.. take care

  6. How do you exercise the lower part of your sternocleidomastoid?

  7. Ryan Giggs what are you doing here?

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