Regular Exercise – Enjoy The Rich Benefits Of It

Which do you prefer, aerobic or anaerobic exercises? Do you know the difference? Does it make a difference? Not really. The words aerobic and anaerobic represent different ways the body gets energy for exercise.

In aerobic, meaning with oxygen, exercise involves or uses oxygen to fuel metabolism, and the main fuel comes from burning fat. This type of exercise involves relatively less muscle fatigue. Aerobic exercise is of moderate intensity. Anaerobic, or without oxygen, exercise is higher-intensity exercise where the muscles rely on fuels other than oxygen. Anaerobic exercise burns sugar as the main source of fuel. Either way, you still burn fat.

Light exercise cleans out lactic acid (a waste product) and stimulates cell regeneration. To burn fat, rather than sugar, there are several things to remember:

– Breathe deeply. Use your diaphragm to draw in air, through your nose, and hold the breath for a few seconds. Then exhale through your mouth.

– Exercise at a comfortable level. If 10 is extreme exertion, exercise at a 7. You should still be able to carry on a normal conversation while you work out. Doing this for 45 minutes a day will restore energy and make you feel great!

You may think you don’t have time to exercise, but you should make time. The benefits to your health and well-being far outweigh the cost in time. Since proper exercise increases energy, you won’t need to sleep as much as you have in the past. So, take a little of your nighttime sleep to exercise. You’ll be better for it.

Or use your lunch break to exercise instead of having a heavy lunch that adds fat. Your productivity will increase. You’ll be more alert and energetic. And the time you save in added productivity can be applied to those other important tasks you aren’t willing to trade for exercise.

Rebounding (also known as cellularise) is a great way to get aerobic exercise. A rebounder is a mini-trampoline that provides excellent, non-impact exercise through bouncing. If you have access to this type of equipment, try it! It’s a fun exercise for all ages and types, and it’s less expensive than other types of exercise equipment.

Whether you have access to a rebounder or not, use any break or time out to get in some movement and deep breathing. Any type of exercise will have great benefits. It will improve your heart, making it stronger and larger. Deep breathing will make your lungs stronger, too. The movements you use to exercise promote proper blood flow to your joints as well as to your muscles, so you reduce possible joint pain by engaging in regular exercise. And research suggests positive links between exercise and overall health – preventing almost every type of disease.

Many of us spend most of our days sitting crouched at our desk, typing away at our computer, focused on the job at hand. And while we do this, our bodies get stiff, tired, and full of natural toxins. Proper exercise flushes the system and stimulates internal organs, including the brain. It restores energy and improves attitude.

Your investment in just a little moderate exercise will repay your effort with benefits that last a lifetime. You’ll live better, live longer, and enjoy life more when you commit to and follow through on a regular program of exercise.

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