REFIT® CardioDance Fitness, “Dile” by Ayala (Latin Christian)

Loving this Latin Christian routine…perfect for your church group or family-friendly classes! The choreography is a bit more complex, but repeats throughou…


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Updated: February 19, 2014 — 8:22 pm


  1. awesome Thank you!

  2. As usual Awesome.

  3. Love love! Can’t wait to share! As a Latina, I really appreciate the
    Spanish songs! 

  4. Thank you for sharing :)

  5. Briquelle Backeberg

    Love this has a cumbiaton feel.

  6. You guys are sooo AWESOME; and super INSPIRING!!
    Loving you guys in Hawaii

  7. Awesome routine :D

  8. Soo love the new song, and on another note, Emily what kind of shoes are
    you wearing? Love love love them. 

  9. Thank you for sharing, another good routine!

  10. Love this!

  11. Thank YOU for watching! I believe Em’s shoes are boys Nike hi tops!

  12. Great routine! Thanks girls.. just one thing tht came to my mind.. ur
    previous green background set was much more positive to workout.. this
    black dark one is depressing and kinda less happy feeling.. also feels
    congested, with less space.. u guys are the best :)

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