1. I was just watching your old video and clicked on the annotation and
    honestly, Great job! you look AMAZING!!

  2. AH, your story is so inspiring! I have been struggling with the classic
    weight loss and gain because I haven’t approached this the right way. I am
    looking to lose 15-20 pounds. It made me so happy and motivated me so much
    to see your success and see someone who places God in such a high place.
    Thank you, send any advice my way! God bless 🙂

  3. girl not only are you beautiful and sexy and gorgeous you look amazing wow
    oh my gosh…………..

  4. omg thank u iwas just starving myself i only ate once a day like three days
    ago and now i know what to do ;} thank you

  5. HOLY SHIT, your transformation is AMAZing I love it

  6. THANK YOU x a million! This was my wake up call!! I tell the kids in Sunday
    School “everything is possible with God!” why haven’t I ever surrendered my
    struggle with weight to Him and realized He CAN and WILL help me through
    it?! AH! I’m 24yrs old, mommy of 6yr old, 18mo old and 3mo old. I started
    at 16yrs old, 130lbs, got to 206lbs! I’m at 185 now… It’s going to be a
    journey, but with God, I’m ready! AHH!! EXCITED!

  7. you looked beautiful before but you look so amazing! im so proud of you 🙂
    you are a huge inspiration!

  8. WOW!! CONGRATS!!! You deserve all your happiness and victory. GREAT JOB,
    you are an inspiration 🙂 xoxo

  9. Hard work always pays off! You look awesome hon 🙂


  11. You look amazing. Keep up the great work! 

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