1. How can those fitness models keep an aesthetic look using meth?! All those
    ‘faces of meth’ mugshots gave me the impression it fucks you up completely
    in no time

  2. Nubain I’m told is very popular with bodybuilders

  3. I always saw ripped guys as weak. Why would somebody want to look weak?

  4. This might be a “get ripped” strategy for fitness models, but not for pro
    bodybuilders. It’s easy as fuck to get down to 3% when you’re carrying 250+
    lbs of lean mass and eating a pound of fish at every meal, plus adding in
    cardio to the weight training. Recreational drug use would be a major
    distraction during a serious contest prep phase. Maybe in the off-season
    some guys would play around with these drugs

  5. cardio on XTC

  6. It’s funny, personally I don’t think I look like I’m on steroids, but when
    I’m out round town, a number of people always ask. But I almost always have
    a dealer come up to me in a club and offer me stuff when no one else gets
    offered it. Maybe this would go some way of explaining it.

  7. Man you should have your own tv station!

  8. Mike Tyson admitted in an interview he took test regularly during his
    boxing career and took Coke right before EVERY match so his senses would be
    heightened. A person most people believed was natural since he never failed
    a drug test. This shit is common, you have to be really stupid to deny
    street drugs+ a stack is used in the industry.

  9. Senbonzakura Kageyoshi

    I stopped using pre-workout stimulants and now I’m sleeping better and
    having better workouts.

  10. couple of the rugby boys used to do lines before games. 

  11. Jason, I speak on behalf of a bunch of other people, What the fuck are you
    rambling on about now? 

  12. I dont even watch that Bios3 guy anymore because he pushes the low carb
    bullshit and has openly made fun and slammed people who are Vegetarian and
    Vegan. Being quite rude about it too.
    I have little respect now for bodybuilders (none like Arnold anymore, and
    many are runts below 5 foot 8). Thats why more and more I watch strongman
    comps. because these are real atheletes and make bodybuilders look like
    complete pussies! Maybe they use coke too (hope not) and I know they use
    a shitload of steroids (but who cares). I just think they have amazing
    strength and dont give a shit about body fat. Most of of them are up
    around the 350-400 lb mark and about as friggin strong as a man can be.

    Oh and unlike meth and crack and heroin (used mostly by people with
    physical or mental abuse history), coke is a party drug like ecstasy so my
    opinion is fuck anyone who uses it. No offense but thats my attitude.

    PS What the fuck is with every 3rd chick in the gym wanting to be in figure
    model competitions?
    I have yet to meet a guy wanting to go on stage but have met a dozen women
    who want to.

  13. well said my friend, you truly are informative.. the image of today’s
    fitness industry is warped.. with those 5% bf fags.. still many people
    train good and well.. without using drugs(talking drugs drugs, not gear),
    you have to admit that, and look healthy too.. such as Aaron Curtis, steve
    cook, gregg plitt, rob riches, lazar angelov, guys who are dedicated and
    commited to the lifetystle they chose.. not like those fags who get
    shredded to get pussy.. in the words of a famous fitness youtuber, if you
    are getting abs to get your dick sucked, you have no personality.. xD

  14. Jason I highly respect your attitude towards honesty and realism. We need
    more people like you who don’t pull punches or sugar coat the hard facts. 

  15. Jason, listen the fuq up and listen good. Its time for a podcast. Now, get
    to work phaggot. Love you (nohomo)

  16. Not bodybuilding related but a lot of my mates (who dont train or care
    about fitness or whatnot) have lost a ton of fat just off doing coke or
    mkat on a saturday night changing nothing else in thier physical activity
    or eating habits. the metabolism speeds up so much on this shit and if
    anyone has took it you can feel your heart beating out your chest, definte
    performance enhancing effect from coke and coke like subsatnces as jason
    puts it

  17. Real talk yo

  18. What about a little bit of coke before a night out?

  19. Who needs a pre workout when you could have your balls sucked? Best pre
    workout EVVARR!!

  20. Zachery Stringfellow

    I don’t understand why people even care that someone does coke before they
    train. As long as they tidy up after themselves I don’t give a shit. Drugs
    are your own personal choice, all drugs should be legal. The fact coke is
    illegal doesn’t stop anyone who wants to take it from taking it. I don’t
    take coke, simply because I don’t want to increase my heart rate that much
    unnaturally when I’ve got a minor heart condition. 

  21. bruh Jeff Seid is an IFBB pro and MHP sponsored athlete. I doubt he even
    has the time to go on coke binges and embody the “zyzz lifestyle”. He’s a
    bit more professional (lol @ irony) than Zyzz and after a while IF he were
    a big clubboy, his sponsors would notice and ask him to curb his activity
    or suffer some sort of repercussion/suspension. He has his own business and
    some decent $ riding on his career I really don’t think he does anything
    more than a few blunts or so every month(s) and some drinking. 

  22. I never thought of it like that… I remember (still do) seeing a 25+ year
    old guy in the gym lifting heavy AF and looks super lean and his face and
    eyes always look bloodshot, and I’m thinking… nahhh he’s not high, how
    can you train high?? Watching this opened my young, impressionable eyes
    even more… thanks Jason

  23. Jason is the realest motherfucker on YouTube.

  24. Hey, I have a serious question about my knees. I have been lifting for 4
    months and have gotten a good understanding on lifting now, thanks to
    youtube. But the first month of lifting I didn’t know what to do and only
    did 2 main exercises for legs leg extensions and leg press I would do 8×12
    on them with awful form. My knees got tore up bad and was injured for a few
    weeks. My right knee recently got swollen after squatting heavy. Know it is
    very hard to straighten or stretch. Should I start using knee wraps when I
    train legs again or something? I know what i’m doing now and have great
    form, but I can still feel the effect of my noob injury. I’m 16 years old,
    170lb 6’1 Thank you.
    Max: -squat-315- bench-220 -deadlift-385

  25. Holy shit Jason… Are you aware that people with ADD take a pill called
    adderall? Are they fucking junkies? Well, thats a TYPE of amphetamine.
    Amphetamine the street drug is something COMPLETELY different, there are a
    BUNCH of different chemicals combined. Next time dont talk, you’re just
    making retarded assumptions without knowing shit.

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