Raw Food Weight Loss and Weight Gain

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weight loss

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Updated: February 13, 2014 — 10:57 pm


  1. What?! I did not notice any weight gain on you at all in any of your
    videos. You look amazing. 

  2. Is it really possible to gain weight on raw food..I started eating mostly
    raw to loose weight lol…and so far so good…

  3. have u ever had ur thyroid checked? IOdine-levels? whats ur source of

  4. Thanks for sharing your story Megan:) You also explained everything really
    well! xo

  5. The amount of people who misspelled lose is too damn high! 

  6. Muscle burns 9 times as many calories as fat

  7. What natural supplements do you use for your thyroid?

  8. You are beautiful Megan <3 Thank you for sharing this :)

  9. Megan, you look great! Also, I appreciate your ability to provide actual
    information and real tips in your videos. Some of the videos going out
    these days are just ridiculously trite tips presented in a cutesy manner.
    You keep it authentic, fun, and enjoyable, without dumbing it down
    ridiculously and I appreciate what you are offering. Keep it up and keep
    being you!


    Anyone else find it hard to figure what is right when you watch freelee’s
    videos and she keeps talking about crunching in the calories, the more the
    better, then watch a video like this. Megan Elizabeth makes more sense,
    more calories = gaining weight, anyone else have any thoughts? 

  11. OMP i need that shirt!!! LOLLL i freaked out when i saw it!!!
    #durianAddictsUnite !! hahah. great video! you addressed very important
    points and gave great tips! you look gorgeous as always. love ya! <3

  12. Tasha Lee (Fruitful Healthy Living)

    Thanks so much for sharing, Megan. Are you doing iodine supplementation
    with Don Bennett? My thyroid tests were normal but the loading test showed
    me to be iodine deficient….which affects the thyroid, which affects
    metabolism/hormones/weight. Apparently, iodine affects lots of stuff in
    the body, so low iodine also causes fatigue. I personally am looking
    forward to those other things resolving, but especially the weight issues
    getting fixed! hehe.:) But I agree…I can be much more positive when I
    am not comparing myself with others! Tomato on toothpicks…hahaha. Me
    too. 🙂 Cute shirt too.

  13. Sort of off topic, but you look great in this vid!! You’re glowing!

  14. I’m having the same problem right now. I’m trying hard to get back on
    track. I’ve been having a few health problems as well but hopefully it’ll
    clear up soon. I think you’ve always looked amazing Megan! You’re so
    inspiring. :)

  15. I really liked this video! It was fun and informative :)

  16. Spot on, Megan, an under-active thyroid can cause an extra 5 to 20 pounds
    to be stored as fat because of a slower than normal basal metabolism (even
    when eating a fruit-based diet). But thyroid tests can show “all is okay”
    when it isn’t, and even when tests reveal an under-active thyroid, the
    traditional fix is thyroid hormones, but in reality (which is where we all
    live) your iodine status (not level) should be checked either before or in
    addition to TFTs (Thyroid Function Tests). And it needs to be mentioned
    that, unlike B12 which is relatively straightforward to self-assess and
    self-correct, whole body iodine tissue sufficiency is not, because there
    are many ways to “go wrong”, so look for an iodine literate practitioner,
    preferably one who’s been eating a fruit-based diet for over 20 years. :)

  17. Helpful video! Thank you! What do you normally eat before and after

  18. Oh no…i hoped there will be video about raw food baby in the near future

  19. Crying about right pounds? Shush

  20. Eight

  21. Great video. Thank you so much!

  22. A shame you plan on losing weight again! You look far better with those –
    what you call it – “additional” pounds. I hate the skinny frutarian look.
    Most of the frutarians look emaciated and often unhealthy, too. You say the
    camera adds pounds, so I think you must already be really skinny by now –
    because you look more than totally fine on camera.

  23. I think that this is one of your most important and informative video’s to
    date. Excellent advice, superbly delivered! Happy to see you glowing

  24. My friend started dieting 6 weeks ago and lost 24 LBS. I told him he
    looked great and asked what he’s eating for a diet. He told me he’s on a
    strict diet of toenails and boogers and water with lemon and that’s it. He
    swore he was being honest and told me he never felt better in his life.
    Has anyone else heard of this? 

  25. Andrea Kay Banana Lifestyle

    Megan, you look very beautiful! In my opinion it’s not about being skinny
    as a twig! There’s a wide range of shapes when being slim.

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