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  4. You are so right. Thanks for sharing.

  5. the way you see nutrition is a bit too simple

  6. where is this app? :O i like it!

  7. Thank you for this video!

  8. As always, its the quantity of calories that makes you fat, not where the
    calories are coming from. If your maintenance amount of calories is 3000 a
    day, and you eat 4000 calories of fruit a day (whilst not changing your
    exercise level etc) you will put on weight and get fat, albeit a little
    slower than somebody on a high fat diet. If you need 3000 calories a day
    and eat 2000 calories of pure lard each day, you will lose weight. Fat gain
    or loss is all about quantity.

  9. Swear words are just words. Many of the most intelligent people in the
    world swear. Swearing is not a reflection of low intelligence any more than
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  10. When they say potatoes, they mean potato chips or a baked potato smothered
    in butter & sour cream.. LOL

  11. I realise this is an old video but it’s a fairly useless exercise.
    Carbohydrates are still gonna make you you fat if you don’t exercise, the
    reason you can burn through 10kcal (seems a bit excessive but hey) of
    prunes is because I assume you are very active. A normal person eating that
    amount of anything will get fat unless they are putting in the exercise to
    compensate. Look at natives to colder climates who only grains an fatty
    animal/whale meats they have some of the best hearts in the world

  12. Also to the end point you make, you neglect to mention that sugar is a
    carbohydrate; I can show you plenty of fat people who eat alot of carbs.

  13. LOL carbs make ya fat bra

  14. It’s hopless this way. ALL of the popular fitness/food channels are getting
    spamed like crazy. Unless youtube creates an active spam filter system
    nothing is gonna change.

  15. Yeah but only stupid people follow these links!

  16. 30 bananas???? I’d effing explode! You know the fact is that burgers and
    pizza are tasty when you eat them. You fell

  17. refined carbs do make you fat. i know because i stopped drinking soda and
    i’ve lost 10lbs in 3 weeks without making any other changes to my diet.

  18. every time you see one of those spam comments about weight loss click the
    little triangle to the right of it and flag it for spam.

  19. potatoes don’t make you fat. french fries make you fat. there is a huge
    difference in the two even though they are both made from a potato. same
    thing goes for chips. chips make you fat. the fries and chips are cooked in
    fatty oils and grease. a baked potato is not. see the difference? get your
    carbs from fruit, veges, oatmeal, rice, potatoes, pasta, but not from
    anything with refined sugar in it or that is loaded with fat.

  20. This guy is so full of shit…

  21. Loved this video !!! Thanks, DR.

  22. damn I love chips & salsa 🙁

  23. Its routed here to discredit the videos for people who just wander across

  24. Paleo people aren’t fat. I think Paleo is a great way to eat. Veges, fruit,
    little meat, some nuts and seeds. Emphasis is on lots of salad. But vegan
    is good too. I like it for the humane aspect.

  25. On second thought, organic meat fat is healthy. I lost a lot of weight
    eating some fats and no bad carbs. Either you eat fat and no carbs or eat
    carbs and no fat, both ways work and make you lean.

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