1. Great tips. When I’m feeling fat I put on a pair of pants I used to wear. I
    feel pretty tiny after that!

  2. you look great! glowing……NOW where did you get your lippy!

  3. Thanks Cookie! You are so awesome! I love you and your videos and the
    groups! Your amazing. 🙂 Keep up the great work. <3 

  4. Hi, I discovered your videos a mere 2 days ago and have to say you have
    inspired me. I am obese to the point where it is even affecting my ability
    to conceive again. Thank you honey, this New Year 2014 I too will embark on
    this high raw journey. We will beat the bulge honey. I shall conceive again
    and you will be slim sexy, confident and glowing!!!!! Best of luck lovely I
    will be following your journey closely! YOU CAN DO IT!!! Keep up the great
    work and remember those goals of yours as I to will!! xx

  5. What a brilliant idea to make videos with all of your tips and lessons from
    your first year on Raw Food. GREAT information Hun, thank you! 🙂 xXx

  6. Priceless info! 

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