1. Thanks Bro, good information. Sittin’ down to a case of mangos with baby
    bananas at the moment.

  2. Hey! I’ve been eating lots of dates and bananas recently and I put my food
    eaten in Cron o Meter and I only have like 3% protein and 1% fat. Is this
    OK? Aren’t you suppose to have like at least 5 or 6 % for both???? (4,000

  3. True Dat …. peace 🙂

  4. YOUR NOT A rhinos and elephants and horses YOU ARE A HUMAN DUMB DUMB

  5. and whats the difference in food marcus?

  6. Great Video! Thanks 😀

  7. Agree, great video!!

  8. thefictionxwelive

    You are ze best! 🙂

  9. brother, would u like to do a channel recommendation swap on our channel

  10. Shared! Rawk on brother! oxoxo

  11. Chris, your skin looks amazing !! I’m 17 years old, and iv’e been vegan for
    6 months, 2 weeks ago I have been eating much cleaner, and since then my
    skin looks awful 🙁 did you experience something similar when you started
    811 ? If so, how long does it take for your skin to finish detoxifying ?
    and what should I do in the mean time ?

  12. Is most of your intake coming from bananas and dates? Dates specifically
    are extremely low in both protein and fat. I wouldn’t recommend eating
    nothing but dates for long periods of time because of this. Adding in
    sufficient amounts of vegetables and some avocado/nuts/seeds when you
    desire helps even everything out nicely.

  13. I’m not 100% sure what that is exactly to be completely honest! But it
    sounds like something I’d be down for! 🙂

  14. Awesome question!! If you don’t mind, I’d love to answer this one in a Q&A
    vid as I think many people would love to hear the answer. I’ll upload it
    either this Thursday or Friday! 🙂

  15. Thankyou so much! 😀

  16. i think you’re a bright healthy young guy with enthusiasm and great health
    tips, and as a result, id be like to help others out by putting your
    channel on my channel wall which has 1240 subscribers or so (on health,
    awareness, empowerment, spirituality, relationships & self healing + wild
    greens & raw food(fruit based), id hope you’d be willing to share the same
    of my channel with your subscirbers etc if u feel my channel resonates with
    you. ps, really enjoyed your interview on the brilbodHS 🙂

  17. you’re a good guy i appreciate your work & joyful vibrations for sure! 🙂
    do u live in thailand still? i was thinking of moving there for a while and
    was wondering if u could recommend a place by the coast as i want to swim
    in warm waters, have sun & good fruit 🙂 Bali any good? thanks! 🙂

  18. Thanks! Back in the US right now but hoping to slip back to Thailand this
    January. Make sure you visit someplace for a solid 6 months before you
    decide to permanently move somewhere too! Trang, Thailand is a beautiful
    place on the Andaman coast in southwest Thailand, I highly recommend it!
    Good fruit and beautiful beaches. I haven’t been to Bali but I have heard
    good things about it in terms of fruit, cost, etc. 🙂

  19. Your videos are awesome dude! keep up the good work.

  20. thank u so much. bless u so mcuh. xxxx

  21. it does doesnt it… he look amazingly healthy….

  22. thanks Chris. i will keep this in mind for sure. maybe there or Bali might
    be on the cards 🙂 is it polluted alot or dirty and is it a safe enough
    place etc?

  23. From what I’ve heard from other people most parts of Bali are really clean
    and nice. I don’t think safety is a big issue either. Most places in
    Thailand that I was safety wasn’t an issue at all either.

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