1. I eat up to 40 Large Medjoul dates a day. Quality video again, that’s great!

  2. hi Harley, just flew into BKK last night from Costa Rica and had lunch at
    Rasayana! Excellent. thanks for the video you did. The young lady at the
    cash register knew you and Freelee by name when I told her who was
    responsible for my visit.

  3. Nice work mate! Im back in Radelaide now. Enjoy some top class fruits for
    me! 🙂

  4. Can’t afford to eat dates in Thailand. At Siam Paragon they are super
    expensive (figs too) and never found them anywhere else. anyway, there is
    no shortage of other incredible treats to keep me happy! 😉

  5. I had a a pretty exciting ride on a motorcycle taxi trying to find the
    restaurant. I was using the Happy Cow map on my iphone and holding it in
    front of the driver so he could zero in on the location. Crazy! What a

  6. I love eating dates, but they are a bit dehydrated, and the sugar from the
    date will stick to your teeth, so you must drink a lot of water when eating

  7. yikes! Mould would be reaaaaally bad for you…

  8. Delish, but not really good for your teeth. I actually like dried figs more
    than dates.. it has more ‘flavor’ imo…

  9. Man, I don’t even check nature’s candy. Maybe I should lol. But they never
    taste funny. I used to pick and eat guavas from my tree in Trinidad worms
    and all. My friends used to open them up and check for worms, but AIN’T
    NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! I guess I was always a fruit whore.

  10. haha ive definitely eaten dung dates before. Didnt know thats what those
    specks were lol


  12. How do you store your dates? Lately ive been getting moldly dates in my
    batch , should i take them out of my frige?

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  14. I love dates, and eat them unlimited as well. Sometimes they just taste a
    little bad if they’re too dry. Buy in bulk to save cash!


  16. Shannon Crozier-Rankin

    Fucking love dates. I don’t crave lollies anyone, is rather these.

  17. Harley, can you do a video response to the following video which is quite
    interesting: ShmoS0AnPNA

  18. 85 St Bernards Rd Magill South Australia. The shop is called ‘Organically

  19. Its not about burning calories as much as it is SHIFTING THE METABOLISM.

  20. Andrew recently did a water fast. Thats why he is holding extra fluid and
    fat. Give it 1-2 years and he will be back to normal again. When one fasts
    for weight loss, they get slapped in the gut a few months later. Pun

  21. fruit sugar is good for me as well !! njami,

  22. can you tell the diffrence fresh dates from dried dates? can I eat also the
    dried ones?

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