1. thank you beeexxx! and mike of course! 😀 yummy mondays please! 😀

  2. Yaayy i loooove this videoosss!!!! Mooree pleaseeee!!!

  3. oh my gorsh this little gurl is adorable

  4. Yay! I’ve missed yummy Mondays and Mike. h is so sweet with summer.

  5. I’m all about those bananas ha! When I’m having a sugar craving that’s my
    go-to :)!

  6. baby Summer rocked this video <3 ;)))

  7. I welcome @beastiesummer’s video bombs any day 😉

  8. BANANAS!!

  9. have you seen my video “Fruit Makes You Fat?!” … people get crazy over
    fruit sugars.

  10. Baby Summer LOVES him.

  11. Omg! You should do like a whole series on diet and workouts to accomplish
    our summer goal! That would be AWSOME! especially if we all do it together

  12. That little girl is so freaking cute haha 😛

  13. Great video and very informative!! Thank you

  14. ohhh. that was such an educating video! thank you so much! i really love
    the way you make it all seem so easy. i think that’s what’s mostly in my
    way, that it all seems so impossible. thank you again

  15. Singing to myself – This shit is bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S hahahaha.

  16. Summer was my favorite part.

  17. Totally going to be trying the half almond milk and half carrot juice.

  18. Another suggestion is to take a little natural calm when things stop
    moving. It’s a great source of bioavailable magnesium and also stimulates
    movement in the intestines. It works really well for most people. Hope this

  19. Thanks for getting back to me Mike. so is the first suggestion to take the

  20. P.S. I think Summer misses Mike as much as We Do…LOL

  21. Very informative THANKS!

  22. @yourguidetodetox I heard you say in the video that your mentor wasn’t
    juicing organic. So I was wondering , before I toss everything in the
    blender should I place my vegetables and fruits in Vinager and water to try
    and take at least some of the pesticides? An if so how long? Cause all I’ve
    been doing is rinsing it with water for the past year :/ Thanks! 🙂

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  24. Bex, are there any future plans for more yummy Monday videos? I miss them
    so much! they were my fav!

  25. It’s hilarious you act like you didn’t know you’re black. Oh come on you
    clearly look black. 

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