Quitting Smoking Starts Within You

Smoking once started as a recreational activity and in years gone by it was mostly associated with men. But nowadays, smoking has become a social norm, especially to those living in metropolitan areas. Due to the widespread consumption of tobacco, many health agencies have been alarmed due to the many detrimental health effects of tobacco smoking.

In fact, smoking has been found as the main causes of many serious illnesses nowadays such as lung cancer, heart diseases, high blood pressure, gum diseases, depression, diabetes, bone diseases, thyroid problems and more. Aside from the health issues mentioned, smoking has been also associated with the more common diseases such as bad breath, skin problems and darkening of the gums and teeth.

According to the United States Center of Disease Control and Prevention there are more than 20% of the adult population in the United States that smokes, wherein more than 80% of them lights at least a cigarette every day. Imagine the numbers, that’s 3.5 million daily adult smokers in the United States alone. Considering all the male and female population of the world, the total numbers of cigarette smokers will be extremely high.

Due to that, many organization, environmentalist groups and health groups, are exerting much effort to campaign against smoking. They even lobby the congress and senate to support their cause. In recent years, such organizations are becoming more active and vigilant in order to protect the environment and as well as to prevent the health risks caused by cigarette smoking.

Many of these organizations not only lobby for laws that will help protect the environment and our health, but they also give counseling and tips to those who want to quit smoking.

Quitting smoking is not easy because of the addictive effect of nicotine, a substance found in cigarettes. However, there are two simple factors that have been deemed necessary in order to win the battle of quitting the smoking habit. Those two factors are will and mindset.

In quitting smoking, one must have the desire to raise both of his hands, surrender and say “I will quit smoking, by hook or by crook!” The quitting in here is not just the desire for short-term quitting but forever quitting smoking

In addition to that, one must prepare his mind to stop smoking. How? It can be done by understanding the effects of smoking to the body, to his peers and to the environment. Once he has a full understanding of the consequences of smoking, and discovers more about the addictive habit, he can proceed in making plans – plans that can and should be followed and maintained in order to finally quit the smoking habit.

Aside from counseling, and keeping the “quit smoking plan” in effect, there are also products that can help quitting smoking. Those products are already proven effective and are available on the market – some are available without a prescription. Visit a doctor and ask for help or advice about which product is the most effective.

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Updated: November 9, 2013 — 8:57 am

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